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Who doesn’t love tidiness! Browse our recommendations on how to take care of your shoes and organize your shoe collection. Learn about care products and shoe storage boxes.

Take a look at our recommended best shoe care products. See the list of the best shoe trees you can buy right now. Or find out why you need to tend to your leather products. And how! Is a conditioner a good product? And in that case, what’s the best leather conditioner for shoes and how do you take best care of your leather shoes and boots? You can also read an article about the classic shoe care valet. Wouldn’t you want a nice cedar valet box to store your shoe care products in? It makes it so much more fun to take care of your shoes. Another great how-to article is about shoe stretchers. Or read about shoe and boot dryers. How do you use them and which ones do we recommend? It’s important to take care of your shoes, boots, high heels, pumps and sneakers. We also made a guide on the best electric shoe polishers, why you should use one and which ones are best to buy right now. Also, check out our ultimate shoe wipe guide. We also reviewed shoe foam cleaners, sneaker laundry detergents, shoe widener and sneaker shoe trees.

How to Fix a Hollow Boot Heel

How to Fix a Hollow Boot Heel

How to Fix a Hollow Boot Heel: A Step-by-Step Guide If you have a pair of boots that you love but the heel has become hollow and worn, don’t despair. You can easily fix it yourself with a few simple tools and materials. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on…

heel slip in cowboy boots

Heel Slip in Cowboy Boots?

How Much Heel Slip Is Normal in Cowboy Boots? Cowboy boots are a popular choice for both fashion and function. Whether you’re hitting the dance floor or working on a ranch, a good pair of cowboy boots can provide comfort and support for your feet. However, one of the most common issues people face with…

How to Ride in Heel Cowboy Boots

How to Ride in Heel Cowboy Boots

How to Ride in Heel Cowboy Boots: A Beginner’s Guide If you are new to horse riding, you might not know that wearing the right boots is crucial to your safety, comfort, and performance. While there are many types of riding boots to choose from, cowboy boots with heels are among the most popular and…

How to buy cowboy boots

How to Buy Cowboy Boots

How to Buy Cowboy Boots: Styles, Tips, and More Yee-haw! So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get yourself a pair of cowboy boots. Congratulations on this fantastic decision! Cowboy boots are not only a timeless classic, but they can also make a bold statement in any wardrobe. Whether you’re a cowboy at heart…

How To Protect Shoes In Storage

How To Protect Shoes In Storage

How To Protect Shoes In Storage Hey there, fellow shoe enthusiasts! Whether you have a few pairs or a whole closet full of kicks, we can all agree that shoes deserve some TLC. But let’s face it, storing shoes can be a real challenge for those of us who love footwear. After all, shoes aren’t…

The Best Instant Shoe Cleaner: Top 7

The Best Instant Shoe Cleaner: Top 7

The Best Instant Shoe Cleaner: Top 7 When we talk about instant shoe cleaners, we mean products that work their magic in a jiffy, quicker than you can say “abracadabra”! You see, these cleaners are specially formulated to tackle the dirt, scuffs, and stains on your shoes in a snap. They contain powerful cleaning agents…

Take a look at our recommended best shoe care products​

A crazy thing came to our attention: people actually paint their sneakers. As we became more familiar with this strange shoe care niche, we understood better that there may be times when sneaker paint might be a good idea.

We have a section with common shoe care problems. How do you prevent shoe heels from wearing down or fixing shoes that are too big? And when the worst thing happens – a bent heel – how do you fix it?

shoe storage and shoe care

Learn how to get creases out of shoes or how to use shoe crease protectors. How do you stop shoes from rubbing the back of your ankle? How do you make shoe soles less slippery? And how do you clean shoe soles? What gel insoles for shoes to buy? What different shoe brushes are there? How do you get rid of cat pee, chewing gum, yellow bleach stains or nasty gasoline smell from your shoes? How do you clean your golf shoes, take better care of your climbing shoes, your bowling shoes, cycling shoes, corduroys, nubuck shoes, velvet shoes, a shoe polish brush, or your ballet shoes? How to clean army boots? Or muddy shoes when winter has arrived? How do you fix peeling inner shoe linings? And squeaky shoes?

One of our most appreciated articles is: How to break in cowboy boots? Or how to lace skate shoes, or lace shoes so they slip on. And if you’re looking for shoe lace locks, read this article.

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plain cardboard boxes

Cardboard Shoe Boxes

Cardboard is a material. You can get cardboard boxes from many places. The ones you get from food stores are typically off a pretty low quality. Select the right type of box. That’s even more important when storing shoes in cardboard boxes. In my view, purchasing top quality plain

The variety of shoe storage boxes​

Containers, bins, cases, totes, organizers, boxes. We love them all!

In this category you will find a lot of great articles. Ever wondered where to buy a shoe box? And what size of the box you really need? Read about how to best organize your boots, booties and wellingtons. Or how to find shoe storage boxes in different colors? We’ve also got articles on what to look for when puchasing men’s storage boxes, how to find plastic shoe boxes to buy in bulk, a list of shoe storage containers from Sterilite, as well as storage boxes from Iris. Or why not find the best travel shoe case out there.
If you’re looking for a clear shoe box, read up on what to consider before purchasing. We will soon be digging deep into space saving shoe storage solutions. And reviewing the best shoe storage furnitures out there.

Get organized and save space

We have all been there. As the family grows, we grow out of space. And all those pair of shoes we wanted to save for the siblings to inherit, just take up too much room. And we have all been in the situation were we need to throw away a favourite pair of sneakers or high-heels as we buy new pairs. We dissect the burning question of how many pairs of shoes are too many? And what to think about when donating shoes to charity.

But finding space for shoe storage in your home or in your garage, is just a matter of tidying up and organizing your shoes. Space saving shoe storage solutions can really help us here. Like Shoe Slotz! We listed the best sneaker slots on the market right now. And shoe you how to store sneakers long-term.

Read an article on how to organize your garage for shoe storage. And decluttering your shoe collection using the Konmari method. Or packing shoes for moving. And how do you remove the smell from a shoe rack?

Shoe bags, dust bags, travel bags and nice shoe pouches

Keeping your shoes intact and secure when travelling is crucial. Also, you want to keep them stored in your closet in nicest possible way. Read about all things to consider if you’re about to buy shoe bags. We also take a deeper look at dust bags.

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