How To Clean Cycling Shoes?

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How do you Clean Cycling Shoes?

How To Get Smell Out of Cycling Shoes?

Whether you’re riding in a spin class or a triathlon, your cycling shoes will be drenched in sweat and absolutely filthy after a dirty ride. You’ll end up with dirty cycling shoes if you don’t follow this procedure repeatedly without having cleaned your biking shoes. That is why it is really important to clean your cycling shoes and keep them fresh. Now, that must be done on a regular basis to keep your shoes dry and fresh every time you put them on.

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Moreover, you do not have to wash them a lot. Otherwise, you will end up ruining the quality. It is good to know about the deep clean wash frequency and particular methods to follow.

Cleaning Cycling Shoes The Right Way!

Now, we will be talking about a deep clean for your bike shoes. We will break the process into defined parts for you.

It will make it easier for you to remember the process to clean cycling shoes.

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You can easily conduct the process again without much hassle. Honestly, this process is going to be worth a while.

We will be helping you to clean your cycling shoe inside out. You can buy some affordable products to create more value.

Bike shoes are an essential part of a cyclist’s equipment. They protect your feet from the elements and improve your pedaling efficiency. However, they can get dirty quickly, so it’s important to know how to clean them properly. 

Let us start with the process. You should clean your cycling shoes on a regular basis to keep them fresh and functioning. We suggest the following steps for thorough cleaning.

1. Remove Shoe Insoles And Wash With Soapy Water

The insoles collect almost all of the perspiration that emanates from your feet, so you’ll want to pay special attention to them.

Don’t be afraid to put them in a pail of warm, soapy water. If you don’t have access to a pail, submerge them in a sink or just soap and wash them under warm water.

2. Properly Wash With Warm And Soapy Water

With your shoes on, repeat the process you used to clean your insoles. Don’t be hesitant to submerge them in hot soapy water; they will be okay. If you had dirt or maybe grime on your shoes, now is the time to use a brush or a wet towel to clean the outside and inside of them.

3. Quickly Air Dry Your Bike Shoes

After you’ve finished washing your insoles and shoes, it’s time to begin air drying them right away. Germs grow in dark, moist places, so the sooner your shoes are dry, the lower the chance of any left bacteria developing.

Make sure your bike shoes are as unbuckled as possible and keep them in a well-ventilated location- not in a gym bag or a wardrobe! Don’t put the insoles back in until both the shoes and the insoles have dried completely.

4. You Can Use A Cleaning Spray To Eradicate Any Odor And Germs

Even after a thorough rinse, your shoes and insoles may require an extra cleaning boost. You could want to use a cleaning spray specifically designed for sports equipment to dampen them without irritating your skin or breaking your equipment, but it must also be strong enough to eliminate malodors and germs.

Find tips to keep the shoes free of odor.

5. Use Air Powder For Better Drying

Shoe powder can aid in the drying process by speeding it up and ensuring that no moisture remains until your next ride.

When picking out a shoe powder, be sure to get one that doesn’t include talc because of the health risks, and that if they do, the fragrance isn’t too strong.

6. Put The Insoles Back In Your Cycling Shoes

After cleaning is complete, replace the insoles in your shoes and you’re ready to go for the next ride! We hope you enjoyed these suggestions on how to clean your cycling shoes.

Now, let us discuss some other essential aspects.

Can I Put My Cycling Shoes In A Washing Machine?

The answer is no! You should never put your cycling shoes in the washing machine. The high spin can cause damage to the shoes, and they will not come out looking as good as when you put them in.

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You could end up ruining your shoes if you’re not careful. We recommend that you hand wash them with a soft brush and some soapy water instead. However, in some cases, you can put your bike shoes in a washing machine. But remember to use the slow cycle or cold wash mode.

What Happens If I Do Not Clean My Cycling Shoes?

If you do not clean your bike shoes, then you are at risk of developing an Athlete’s foot, blisters, and other fungal infections. Fungi love dark, moist places- like the inside of a shoe- so it’s essential that you keep them clean and dry to avoid any problems. Not to mention, your shoes will start to smell bad if you don’t clean them!

Can I Wash My Bike Shoes With Dish Soap?

Dish soap is designed to break down grease and oils, so it can be used to clean your bike shoes. However, we recommend that you use a milder soap designed specifically for sports equipment. This will avoid any damage to your shoes and will help them last longer.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning your bike shoes is essential to keeping them in good condition and preventing any fungal infections.

We recommend that you wash them by hand with a soft brush and some soapy water. You can also use a cleaning spray specifically designed for sports equipment. Remember to air dry your shoes and insoles completely before putting them back on. Thanks for reading!

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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Clean Cycling Shoes?

How To Clean Cycling Shoes?

1. Remove Shoe Insoles And Wash With Soapy Water
2. Properly Wash With Warm And Soapy Water
3. Quickly Air Dry Your Bike Shoes
4. You Can Use A Cleaning Spray To Eradicate Any Odor And Germs
5. Use Air Powder For Better Drying
6. Put The Insoles Back In Your Cycling Shoes

How should cycling shoes fit?

Cycling shoes should fit snugly, as they are meant to provide more control and power when cycling. They should not be too tight, as this can cause discomfort and damage the shoes.

Do you wear socks with cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes can be worn with or without socks, depending on personal preference. If you do choose to wear socks, make sure they are thin and form-fitting to avoid any bunching or rubbing. The shoes should fit snugly and securely on your feet, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable. Remember that you can always adjust the straps or buckles to find the perfect fit.