How To Clean Golf Shoes

In this article, we will discuss ways to clean your golf shoes. The twist is that we will be going with different types of golf shoes and tell you how to clean them accordingly.

how to clean golf shoes

Golf Shoe Cleaning

Let’s face it, we all enjoy the sensation of putting on a new pair of golf shoes for the first time. The good news is that there is a way to relive that same thrill over and over. Wondering how? After all, golf shoes will become dirty after the game. Well, there are effective ways to clean your golf shoes. Clean golf shoes will at the very least make you look self-assured as you stride to the first tee, no matter how terrible your game is! Thinking, how to remove dirt from your golf shoes? You have landed at the right spot.

This will be your quick guide to cleaning all sorts of golf shoes in the best way possible. After reading this, you do not need to look any further for the guide to cleaning your golf shoes.

How To Clean Golf Shoes?

Now, we will go systematically and cover different types of golf shoes. With each type of golf shoe, we will be sharing tips on the approach to cleaning them. Let us begin!

leather golf shoes

Mesh Shoes For Golf

Mesh shoes have a lot of tiny holes on their surface, which allow for maximum ventilation for golf players on a summer day. Cleaning mesh body shoes is similar to cleaning synthetic shoes, but there are some basic distinctions.

mesh golf shoe clean

How To Clean Mesh Golf Shoes?

It’s vital to soak mesh golf shoes in warm water with plain dish soap before brushing out dirt and stains. A soft cloth should be used to clean them thoroughly and ensure that no soap residue is left behind. Afterward, leave them out in the sun for several hours away from direct heat and sunlight to air dry.

You may also wash shoes using the washing machine if the care label inside the shoe allows it. Remove your inner shoe soles and shoe laces if they are detachable before putting your mesh shoes in the washer.

When washing your shoes, we recommend putting them in shoe wash bags. Use cold water when washing on a gentle or delicate cycle.

Remove the shoes from the bag and leave them to air dry for several hours in a room temperature environment.

Synthetic Golf Shoes

Synthetic golf shoes are frequently constructed of polyester and are thinner and lighter than leather.

They are often referred to as plastic shoe trees. Cleaning these shoes, on the other hand, might be less difficult since they don’t require leather conditioner and can generally be washed in the machine.

How To Clean Synthetic Golf Shoes?

Synthetic golf shoes should be hand-washed with mild detergent and completely air dried after each use by following the care instructions on the shoe’s tongue.

Typically, you’ll clean any dirt or stains from your shoes using a mild liquid dish soap and water solution before wiping them down with a clean towel until they’re dry.

Leather Shoes For Golf

Leather is the most often employed material in golf shoes since it is resistant to stretching and waterproof.

clean leather golf shoes

Cleaning Golf Shoes Made Of Leather

Below, we have jotted down the essential steps involved in the process of cleaning your golf shoes made of leather.

  • Always use an old toothbrush to clean the whole shoe (including the sole and spikes) after each game.
  • Wipe down the shoe with a mild soap and water combination or a shoe wipe (carefully avoid liquid dish soaps, excessive soaps, or excessively wet shoes).
  • Allow the shoe to air dry at room temperature for several hours.
  • After each game, inspect the shoes for damage such as gouges, tears, and worn-down shoe soles, heels, or toes. If you discover any damage to your sneakers, get them repaired as soon as possible.
  • Occasionally, use leather cream to clean and maintain the leather on your shoes.

Suede Golf Shoes

Suede is leather that has been produced from the belly of an animal rather than the outside. The skin is rubbed by a machine during processing, giving it a smooth and velvety feel.

There are a variety of shoes on the market that are constructed of vinyl, polyester, or rayon. Regardless of whether you have genuine or simulated suede, both types of footwear should be cleaned in the same manner.

cleaning suede golf shoes

How To Clean Suede Golf Shoes?

You may take a pair of suede golf shoes, submerge them in a combination of water and suede cleaner, and very carefully brush them with a special suede shoe brush.

We recommend using a good soft brush and shoe cleaner to clean your leather golf shoes because they are particularly effective against suede.

Wipe away any remaining dirt or stains with a clean towel until all moisture is gone from the sneakers. Allow the shoes to dry for several hours in an area temperature environment.

Final Word – Precautions For Cleaning Your Shoes For Golf

Here at Footweardrobe we take shoe care seriously. That is why we are doing these guides.

So, when you want to clean your golf shoes, it is critical to understand what not to do. We also recommend that you read the care label on your shoes to see if they’re machine washable and for any special cleaning instructions.

If your shoe care label permits it, you can machine wash your footwear; however, it is never suggested to do so. These will clean your shoes well, but they may also reduce their lifespan and cause harm.

It’s also not a good idea to use liquid dish soaps on leather or synthetic shoes, as they might leave residue on the footwear that can cause it to dry and crack. It’s also crucial not to expose your golf shoes to direct heat for optimal material preservation; as a result, do not leave your shoes in your vehicle or outside during hot weather.

That is how you can clean your golf shoes! This was your quick guide to getting tidy shoes at your next golf game. Share this with your fellow golfers and shine together.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How To Clean Golf Shoes

How to clean golf shoes?

To clean golf shoes, start by removing any debris or mud from the soles of the shoes with a brush. Next, soak the shoes in a bowl of warm water and dish soap for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, use a scrub brush to scrub the shoes clean, then rinse them with warm water. Finally, let the shoes air dry or put them in the sun to dry.

How to clean leather golf shoes?

When it comes to cleaning leather golf shoes, there are a few different methods that can be used depending on the severity of the dirt and grime. For a quick once over, a simple damp cloth can be used to wipe down the shoes. If the shoes are in need of a deeper clean, a leather cleaner may be necessary. When using a leather cleaner, it is important to follow the instructions on the product label. In general, you will want to apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and then rub it into the shoes in a circular motion. Once the cleaner has been applied, you will want to wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth. After cleaning the shoes, it is important to apply a leather conditioner. This will help to keep the leather from drying out and cracking.

How to remove salt stains from leather golf shoes?

Salt stains can be a bit more difficult to remove than dirt or grime. To remove salt stains, you will need a mixture of water and vinegar. In a small bowl, mix equal parts water and vinegar. Apply the mixture to a soft cloth and rub it into the salt stains. Once the stains have been removed, wipe the shoes down with a clean, damp cloth. Apply a leather conditioner to the shoes after cleaning to help keep the leather from drying out and cracking.