Shoe Care and Shoe Box Guide, Hacks and Ideas

In this post you’re going to learn where to buy a shoe box. This guide also includes what to store in your shoe boxes, how to store the boxes in your home, and where you can buy shoe boxes in bulk. So if you want to organize your shoe collection, you’ll love this new post.

Need of good shoe storage solutions

Where to Buy a Shoe Box – Article Summary

Shoe storage containers have risen in popularity in recent years, but still it’s not a given where to buy a shoe box. More and more outlets have popped up online. No wonder why! With these products it is so easy to get organized. The innovative design of modern shoe storage cases also makes it into a really cool and neat product to put in your home.

Where to buy a shoe box?

Save the cardboard boxes you get when buying new shoes.
Physical stores often carry other kind of plastic containers you could use.
Buy online. Browse an extensive range of products on for example Amazon.
Find a brand that sells well manufactured shoe cases in plastic for home storage organizing purposes.
Search for brands like IRIS USA, Sterilite, Crep Protext, Aoteng, mDesign, or LifestyleEssentials.

How to store shoe boxes?

Keep shoe boxes where you currently keep your shoes.
Containers are great for optimizing your closet space.
Use the under bed area as shoe storage. Or make a nighstand out of boxes.
Sneakerheads could build an awesome “sneaker wall” of the right kind of boxes.
Off season footwear can be stored in containers in your garage or in the attic.
With a proper box you could store your wellies or hunting boots in your car.

Best way to store shoes in boxes?

Store in plastic shoe cases. They protect from dust and dirt.
Transparent containers make it easy to spot the right pair in the morning.
Buy stackable products. It looks good and it is space-saving.
A good ventilated box protects from moisture.
With front opening you’ll have easy access. Then you don’t need to unstack your boxes.

Where can I get shoe boxes in bulk?

Purchase in bulk in physical stores like The Container Store, Target or Ikea.
To avoid having to transport a lot of boxes, you could buy online.
Bulk value packs are often for sale with free shipping at sites like Amazon.

Need of good shoe storage solutions

Shoe Box Shoe Storage Container Bin Case Organizer Holder – We Have Many Names for the Things We Love!

Organize your shoe collection

If you’ve ever been in a hurry to run out the door for work or to meet someone for dinner, then you’ve probably had to face a pile of mixed up shoes in your closet. Trying to scramble through your collection of shoes to pick the perfect shoe is one thing. But then having to find the matching shoe, can be a whole other challenge.

Dealing with a disorganized collection of shoes can be a real nightmare, especially when you’re in a rush to get out the door. The more shoes you have, the harder it is. But, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just have to figure out the best way to organize your collection.

Use shoe storage boxes to get organized

We would suggest using shoe storage boxes, for the flexibility and simplicity to it. And nowadays there’s a lot of different options to answer every specific need.

Trying to sort your shoes neatly in your closet is hopeful if you don’t have a proper shoe closet organizer like shoe boxes to store them in. If you want to make sure you can quickly find a pair you like and get to your meetings on time, then you’ll need to pick up the right shoe boxes.

In this article, we’ll go over where to buy a shoe box, the best way to store shoes in boxes, how to store shoe boxes, and where you can get shoe boxes in bulk. Before you know it, you’ll have your entire shoe collection organized so you can breeze through your routine before work and at night. That is the mission of Footweardrobe.

Where to Buy a Shoe Box?

Building a custom shoe storage solution is hard

When you realize you need to get your shoes organized in shoe boxes, the next thing to figure out is where to buy a container. You could potentially reuse your empty cardboard boxes that your shoes originally came in when you bought them.
However, most people don’t keep the original box that came with the shoes, so that might not help you out at all. You could start keeping the cardboard boxes from now on whenever you buy a pair of shoes to help you organize your collection. Or, if you have the time and the resources, let someone build a custom shoe storage cabinet. But a wooden storage facility isn’t as flexible and durable as plastic boxes, that’s for sure.

Look for plastic shoe storage boxes

Many plastic bins are collapsible or foldable, which is good since you can free up space when not using them. So, it is probably better, and cheaper, to get some well manufactured shoe cases in plastic for home storage organizing purposes.

Buy shoe storage containers online

Shoe boxes aren’t the easiest organizer to find in department stores. Many large retailers like WalMart, K-Mart and Target usually don’t carry modern shoe boxes with a lot of nice features. They may, however, have different containers that could be used as shoe boxes.
IKEA is also an option where you can find almost any type of organizer. But just like in department stores, a proper, well designed shoe bin is hard to find. Physical stores will probably have other types of shelves and shoe racks you could use,. Though they aren’t always the best for organizing a shoe collection. Especially if you want a solution for display purposes.
Your best bet is picking up high-quality, plastic shoe containers on Amazon. They have a wide variety of clear plastic shoe boxes to easily store and organize your shoes in.

Best Way to Store Shoes in Boxes?

The right way to store your shoes

When you need to organize your shoes, there is a right and wrong way to get it done. You could pick up a shoe shelf, but these can get pretty disorganized over time. Plus, shoes that you don’t use every week can start to build up dust sitting on a shelf.

The best way to store your shoes is in shoe containers since it keeps them protected from any dirt, dust and moisture. Picking up a high-quality plastic product will allow you to easily organize your shoes without letting them build up any grime or debris.

The right boxes to use

You should make sure your plastic shoe boxes are clear so you can quickly identify your shoe. Also, you should get boxes that stack on top of each other easily. That way you’ll reach a whole other level of organization. At the same time you free up a lot of space at home. By picking up a stackable set of shoe boxes, it will allow you to put your favorites up high. Then they’re easy to reach and your less-popular ones can stay below to act as a support.

Go for a container with front opening. That way you don’t need to unstack your whole collection. Front access should mean an easy all access.

How to Store Shoe Boxes?

The best place to store your shoe boxes is the place where you currently have your shoes. If you have a shoe rack it might not be doing such a great job keeping your shoes organized. In that case you’ll want to replace it with a sturdy set of quality plastic shoe boxes.

Shoe boxes in the closet

If you keep your shoes in your closet, then make sure you pick up some shoe boxes that will fit nicely in that specific area. If you keep them in an open container or basket in your closet, then replace the container with your new storage organizers.

Stack them high

Shoe boxes are much better than shoe racks or open bins since they can be stacked on top of each other. This allows for excellent space utilization. With limited space at home, stacking up rather than across, is a good ide. That will allow you to keep your shoes neatly organized in your space without feeling too crowded.

Remember to double-check before buying shoe boxes if they can stack properly on top of one another or not. Some shoe boxes aren’t technically “stackable”. Make sure to check the product specifications before buying and if possible read customer reviews. This will save you a lot of frustration in the long run from potentially having to return them or conduct a DIY glue project with your newly bough items.

Shoe storage containers under the bed

Another excellent place where you can keep your shoe containers is under bed. Or why not build a nightstand out of great looking boxes?

Shoe box racks and shoe walls

Many modern products can be built into a shoe box rack. If you pick the right products, this can be a beautiful hallway organizer unit.

If you’re a sneakerhead and bought a set of really cool sneaker cases, you could stack them against the wall and build a shoe wall. That makes for an awesome sneaker display unit. Some sneaker containers are drawer like, hi top, with a side opening. The variations are almost endless. They often come in many cool colors. The most common are white, acrylic clear, red, pink or black.

Stowing away shoe boxes

Some shoe types, like off season shoes or large boots, can be stored in your garage or up in the attic. Still you would need a decent boot case to protect the content from pests, moisture, dirt and dust.

Wellies, hunting boots and alike, that you only use for specific outdoor occasions, may be stored in a box in the back of your car. That way you’ll never forget them when you need them.

Where Can I Get Shoe Boxes in Bulk?

Buy your shoe boxes online

Since buying in bulk requires a lot of transport, it is easier to buy online. Then a professional transport company will take care of the shipping. Also, when buying a bigger set or a value pack, you can often enjoy free shipping. There’s always items suitable for a bulk buy on sale online. We’ve put together a video on how to buy shoe boxes in bulk. Check it out!

Where do I buy storage containers in bulk?

At this point you may be wondering where can I get shoe boxes? As mentioned above, shoe boxes can be found from a variety of sellers on Amazon. You may be able to find shoe boxes at K-Mart, WalMart, The Container Store, Target, or IKEA, though they may not be technically called “shoe boxes”. These are general plastic organizers, and they may be much bigger.

If you want to find another shoe box alternative, you could also go to your local home appliance store and check out the kitchen department. Head to the tupperware section and see what they have. Some kitchen departments will have tupperware containers that are much bigger and could fit in most pairs of shoes.

They probably wouldn’t be the best option for bigger shoes like boots, though flats and heels could surely fit.

Why you should go for plastic shoe boxes

Keep in mind that if you use tupperware containers as shoe box alternatives, they won’t be as easily accessed as most modern plastic shoe cases. Since plastic shoe boxes slide open like a drawer, or at least open with a drop front functionality, you can quickly take your shoes in and out. Tupperware containers will add a few seconds to your morning routine since they often come with lids. Then you will have to unstack your pile of shoes, pull the lid off and then back on. So you’re probably better off getting a traditional shoe box.