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About Us

Welcome to our blog! Here we focus on shoe storage products and other shoe related items. 

We’re a bunch of American freelance writers and stay at home moms, at the moment residing in Europe. Our job experiences span from home decor, interior design to product innovation. We dare to say our recommendations are trustworthy and accurate. Our review techniques span from researching the product, getting a comprehensive overview of what the Internet has to say about the product, to getting the product and trying it out. Since the reviewed products on this page aren’t that many, we’ve tried almost every one in our daily lives ourselves.

Our objective is to match you with products for storage and your shoes that will fit perfectly into your life. We acknowledge that our readers are people and there typically isn’t a one-size-fits-all “finest” for everybody.

If you join our newsletter you also get a chance to share your own experiences with the products we review. We will then, of course, take your opinions into account.

If your purchase something by means of a link on our site, we might earn a commission. That way we are able to develop the site and keep it going.

We hope you’ll like our blog!

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Every product is independently selected by editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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