Best Shoe and Boot Dryer in 2021

After one week of research and testing, evaluating 18 top products on Amazon, we consider PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer to be the best shoe and boot dryer in 2021.


Best Shoe and Boot Dryers for Your Home - Reviewed

In this article you will find a guide on how to choose a shoe and boot dryer for all shoe sizes. The best ones also take care of odor and stains. But it is particularly tricky to find a good one for XL-sizes, job and heavy-duty boots. In short, here’s the rundown of the best shoe dryers.

best shoe boot dryer

Best overall shoe and boot dryer

PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

big boot dryer

Dryguy boot dryer made in the US

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

odor eliminator

Electric boot dryer and deodorizer

OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer with Heat and High Output Fan

peet dryer for 2 shoes or boots

A smaller boot and shoe dryer

PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer, Black

compact shoe dryer

Solution with timer

IRIS USA Compact Deodorizing Shoe And Boot Dryer With Timer

non electric dryer for shoes and boots

Best non-electric dryer and warmer

Green Glove Dryer for Hats, Gloves, Shoes

shoe dryer for xl shoes

Best boot and shoe dryer for big shoes

MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL

travel boot dryer

Best shoe dryer for travel

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer

footwear sanitizer

Shoe Dryer eliminate bad odor and sanitize

KOODER Boot Dryer

boot dryer wall mounted

Best wall mounted boot and shoe dryer

Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer

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Boot Dryers - Your Holy Grail Product

Hearing the term for the first time in life? Well, that’s alright. Not everyone really knows what a shoe dryer is.
Boot dryers, as the name suggests, are like blow dryers for your shoes. They allow you to restore your shoe’s shine, sparkle, and strength.
We can easily wash our shoes with the shoe cleaner, and that is certainly not the problem. But roaming around in wet and damp shoes is obviously a problem, to state the obvious. Wet shoes can trench your foot at its worst. 
Moreover, you do not want to have your feet smell like rotten meat. I mean, that’s the kind of embarrassment nobody should have to go through.
This is exactly where boot dryers dive in to save you that discomfort and oh, the embarrassment of being the one with “stinky feet”.

Shoe Dryers In-Depth Reviews

There’s a lot to say about this list of the best shoe and boot dryers for your home. It’s after all an essential product most people don’t even think about. So let’s dig a little deeper and look at the products we decided to recommend. And later in this article, you’ll find a breakdown of the product itself. What is it? What to consider before buying. Keep reading to learn more.

Best Shoe Dryer: Peet Boot Dryer

best shoe boot dryer

Best overall shoe and boot dryer

PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

Review of Peets 4-Shoe Electric Dryer and Warmer

You just want it be easy to keep your shoes dry, warm and fresh in between you wearing them. It’s nicer that way, but also: there are dangers with wet feet.

Peet is a well-known and appreciated brand. This product is good for every kind of shoe or boot and will certainly keep your footwear dry and in good shape for long.

A US Made Top Product

big boot dryer

Great product for warming and sanitizing

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

Review of DryGuy's Heavy Duty Dryer

With a forced-air solution your boots or shoes will be dry pretty quickly.

It heats up to 105 degrees F, which is about 40 degrees C. If you wnat to dry your boots, just use the extension tubes you get in the package. It makes it possible to dry long boots up to 16 inches.

This is a good and economic product we can really recommend.

Get rid of odor with this shoe odor eliminator

odor eliminator

High output fan to get rid of odor

OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer with Heat and High Output Fan

Review of OdorStop’s Shoe Deodorizer

Stinky feet isn’t nice. With this product you get rid of most of the odor thanks to a really high output fan. You solve the problem with stinky boots during winter season, as well as stinky sneakers from your training or during summer.

A good product!

Peet Shoe Dryer for One-Pairs

peet dryer for 2 shoes or boots

Peet Boot Dryer for One Pair

PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer, Black

Review of Peet Original 2-Shoe Dryer

Sometimes it’s just nice to have your everyday shoes dry and warm when leaving your home. This product is for one pair only. A good solution if your hallway is small. Works for both boots and regular shoes.

Easy to use warmer and dryer with timer

compact shoe dryer

Put a timer on when drying your boots

IRIS USA Compact Deodorizing Shoe And Boot Dryer With Timer

Review of the Iris USA product

If you’re a regular reader, you know we really like the products from Iris USA. It is a wholesome, American, brand.

This product is compact and can easily be moved around. And the timer is a good feature. Just put the dryer in your shoes, boots or gloves. put the timer on. And leave it. No risk and good results. 

Best Budget Dryer for Shoes and Boots

non electric dryer for shoes and boots

Non electric dryer solution

Green Glove Dryer for Hats, Gloves, Shoes

Review of Green Glove Dryer

Of course we needed to put a budget alternative on the list. And this is actually a pretty good product. Put it on an element or over a forced air vent. The air will do the job for you without extra electricity. Works for hats as well.

Best Boot Dryer for Big and XL Shoes

shoe dryer for xl shoes

Heavy duty dryer solution

MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL

Review of MaxxDry Boot Dryer

This is the choice if you need a way to dry heavy duty job boots. Works great with big boots. And is also kind of quit when doing the job.

Best Travel Boot Dryer

travel boot dryer

Easy to Pack Travel Shoe Dryer

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer

Review of DryGuy Travel Shoe Warmer

When you need something to bring with you when travelling, this is a good option. It could be when hiking, doing sports when staying at a hotel, or to that city holiday you planned. An easy-to-use sneaker dryer.

Highest rated on Amazon

footwear sanitizer

Per pair dryer and warmer

KOODER Dryer, Sanitizer, Warmer and Odor Eliminator

Review of Kooder Boot and Shoe Dryer

Sometimes you need a solution to your product, but don’t have the budget to buy the top-notch products. Kooder has a really inexpensive dryer. Maybe it works better as a warmer and odor eliminator. But nonetheless a good option.

Best Wall-Mounted Boot and Shoe Dryer

boot dryer wall mounted

A nice look in your hallway

Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer

Review of Kendal Shoes and Boots Dryer

The thing with products that need to mounted on the wall: they stay there. This is both good and bad. It’s hard to redecorate and you need to attach it somehow near a power source. But good because it looks nice when done the right way. Kendal has anyhow produced a really effective dryer.

All You Need To Know About Boot And Shoe Dryers

Most people, especially those with OCD, want everything neat, clean, and precisely accurate. Being tidy and organized should be the first check for shoe lovers because it is human psyche to observe the feet of a person at first glance. If the shoes are dirty, they can easily reflect negative vibes and energy.

Many perfectionists can’t wear their favorite shoes again just because their shoes have that stubborn dirt lining them. They either spilled coffee on the shoes, or left a gigantic watermark rendering them unwearable.
It is imperative that we wash our shoes and boots once in a while to keep them clean.

But the biggest question remains: How do you dry the dripping wet shoes after washing them right before an urgent event?

The answer is simple: Get yourself some boot dryers.

Features When Picking the Product

Boot dryers are very beneficial. Most people believe that they destroy the quality of your shoes, but that’s not true. They have built-in sensors that work in accordance with the material of your shoe.

It sets the temperature itself, so you just need to select the type of material, be it plastic, satin, or velvet, and leave the rest to your knight in shining armour. The dryer will set the temperature off to a specific degree so that it does not harm the shoe.

Besides saving you from a hostile comment on cleanliness or odor, shoe dryers can also save you from a terrible cold due to wet feet. Here are some reasons why you should get yourself a boot dryer this very instance

Boot Dryers Convert Odor to Fragrance

Before cleaning your shoes, you need to learn how to dry them properly – and how to do it with a boot dryer. 
When the boot dryer takes and absorbs the room air in, it will diffuse it in the shoe after converting it into heat. 
By keeping a scent diffuser close to the boot dryer, your shoes would end up smelling like some heavenly essential oils. And before you know it- you are no longer Mr./Miss smelly-feet.

Boot Dryers can also Dry Your Clothes

Imagine you dropped sauce onto your outfit an hour before your big event, and that is THE dress of the night. What do you do?

Sensible answer: you wash it. But you think to yourself: how will I dry it in time for the event? And then you see it: the boot and glove dryer lying right in front of you.

A boot dryer is the obvious answer to your problem here. The innovation is helpful in not only reviving your shoes, but also bringing to life your clothes soaked in water.

You no longer have to worry about not wearing your favourite dress to that party anymore. You have the solution.

Which Boot Dryer Type is the Best Choice for Me?

Boot dryers come in different types. Then we have the best boot dryers. How can you decide which one’s the best fit for you? It’s quite simple; just go through this guide.

Below are the things to consider:

Force Hot Air vs Convection Boot Dryer – Which is Better

The two most common types of dryers on the market today are, ‘force hot air boot dryer’ and ‘convection dryer.’

There is a fan attached to the tube that blows hot air into the boot to dry it in the forced hot air dryer. 
In a convection dryer, you need to put your shoes vertically on the hollow tubes, the dryer takes the room air in, heats the air, absorbs the moisture from it, and then gusts it in the shoe. They are also known as boot warmer dryers.

In both types of boot and shoe dryers, you need to put the shoes vertically on the tubes. However, the force hot air boot dryer type does not go easy on your wallet and also comes with the disadvantage of being noisy. So the ultimate win? The Convection boot dryer!

Positive Temperature Coefficient Dryers – Low Cost

Positive temperature coefficient dryers were not so common until now. They are also called foot-shaped dryers. This dryer model is portable and easy to use. You just need to put the dryer into the shoe and let it dry the water out of it, inside and out.

These shoe dryers do not work as quickly as the two common types of dryers, but still, they are cost-efficient and wouldn’t be harsh on your budget.

UV-Based Dryer – Fastest Dryer Type

If you are in a rush, then you can entirely rely on a UV-Based dryer. This type not only dries the shoe but also kills the bacteria residing within it by using ultraviolet rays. The idea may sound bad for your shoe, but fret not, the ultraviolet rays won’t harm the quality of your shoe.

Silica Gel and Propane-Operated Dryers – Best at Removing Foul Smells

Silica Gel and Propane-operated dryers are also quite portable, efficient and worth giving a try. Apart from drying the boot, these dryers also remove foul smells, and exhibit the growth of fungus. They also help in removing the deterring materials such as mold and mildew.

Peet Boot Dryer

Peet boot dryer falls under the list of convection dryers except that they do not have a fan. It takes some time but does wonders for the shoe. Peet soaks the sweat and dampness of the shoes and converts odor into fragrance. It can be used for a variety of shoe types, such as skaters, slippers, sneakers, sport shoes, joggers, or even fancy shoes.

Electric Boot Dryer

Many boot dryers run on electricity. To use an electric boot dryer, you just have to plug in the switch and turn it on and put your shoes/boots vertically on the tube. They are temperature coefficient as well, so you can rest assured that they will not harm your shoes.

Factors to Look for Before Buying a Boot Dryer

Below, I have listed down some considerations if you really want value for every penny spent on the device.


The basic boot dryer starts at $15 per set. While this may seem quite cheap for an innovation as cool as this, do remember that the low pricing always has a reason to it. The lowest costing dryers would take eternity to dry your shoes out and will only allow one pair at a time. For convection dryers that can facilitate up to two pairs in a comparatively less time, you would have to pay anything between $25 to $50.

However, if you have your eyes set on the incredible propane-operated dryer, forget going cheap with it. These dryers are the priciest, sold at $100 or more easily.


Boot dryers vary in size to suit everyone’s requirements and budget. Obviously, the bigger models can allow many pairs at once while the smaller ones will allow only one pair at a time.

Hence, when buying a boot dryer, consider the number of possible users who might want to dry garments and shoes simultaneously. For a larger family, you might need extensions, which further add to your bill. The size of the dryer and its location also matter. So, do not end up buying a very large dryer that does not fit in the small space in the corner of your room.

Advanced Features

A boot dryer goes from being very simplistic to being very stylish and compartmentalised in no time. From separate drying areas for gloves and mittens to automatic temperature and heater settings, the boot dryers get as modern as they could.

When buying a boot dryer, opt for ones that allow you to control the heat setting and have a timer to them. These are convenient features that prevent you from running into problems such as overheating.


Boot dryers are not so expensive; you can quickly put your hands on them. Just to ease your hunt for affordable yet efficient dryers, I discussed some of the best ones to use.

You can also find good amazon dryers on sale too, and you must keep an eye on that “best boot dryers on sale” label at all times.

It will always be good to use a shoe dryer in every weather or climate conditions. The efficient temperature dryers make the life of your shoe long and durable.

And it does not need much maintenance. And nothing feels better than gaining excellent outcomes from a low maintenance machine.

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Neat freak and shoe lover. American expat in Switzerland.
Blogger and mom. Blogs mainly at Footweardrobe.

Shoe and Boot Dryer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which Are the Best Shoe and Boot Conditioners?

    1.  PEET 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer (WINNER)
    2. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer
    3. OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer
    4. PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer
    5. IRIS USA Compact Deodorizing Shoe And Boot Dryer With Timer
    6. Green Glove Dryer for Hats, Gloves, Shoes
    7. MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL
    8. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer
    9. KOODER Boot Dryer
    10. Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer
  • Different alternatives when buying a boot or shoe dryer?

    1. Force Hot Air vs Convection Boot Dryer
    2. Positive Temperature Coefficient Dryers
    3. UV-Based Dryer
    4. Silica Gel and Propane-Operated Dryers
    5. Peet Boot Dryer
    6. Electric Boot Dryer

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