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What is a cardboard box?

Cardboard is a material. You can get cardboard shoe boxes from many places. The ones you get from food stores are typically off a pretty low quality.

Of course, if you only want to store lightweight things like clothing, this doesn’t matter. But if you’re moving, and need to pack heavyweight things like books or furniture, you need better cardboard storage boxes.

The same if you want to store valuable and vulnerable items, picking the right type makes all the difference. Keep reading to learn more about cardboard boxes for storage.

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Can I use a cardboard box to store my shoes?

Select the right type of box. That’s even more important when storing shoes in cardboard boxes.

In my view, purchasing top quality plain cardboard shoe boxes is always a great idea. When organizing your shoe storage or your sneaker collection in your home, it helps when every cardboard container is about the exact same size.

They will all stack easily on top of each other. Being easier to rearrange, you can reorganize and move your collection around whenever you like.

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Repurposing cardboard shoe boxes

Cardboard storage boxes are also incredibly versatile. If you don’t want to use them for shoe storage anymore, you can use them as file cabinets.

Or you can put your children’s toys in them. Or your belts, tools and scarves. They are lightweight, cheap and simple to move around.

Using shipping boxes to store shoes

They are typically reasonably thick and sturdy, which makes them perfect for all sorts of things.

Inside the shipping cardboard box, you can put tissue paper to keep your shoes from rubbing up against each other too harshly. Or use shoe slotz for sneakers and smaller footwear.

Using Moving Boxes as cardboard shoe storage containers

Here’s a rapid description of some of the most typical cardboard box dimensions and categories, as well as what you can use them for.

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Smaller moving boxes

Smaller moving boxes are most likely the most typical when relocating. Relocating box makers generally provide such boxes to the customer as flat boxes.

When they’re assembled, their size is often 15x12x9. They are lighweight, but still sturdy and hard. With them you’ll easily store, order, protect and move a variety of products.

Medium sized relocating boxes

Medium sized relocating boxes have a dimension of 18x14x12. Cookware as well as some electronic devices are the most typical items to pack right into medium sized moving boxes.

Even heavier items, might be loaded as the strong cardboard box will hold for a lot of weight.

Bigger moving box

Bigger household products, such as electronics, will typically go into a bigger moving box (20x20x15).

When even larger items require to be loaded, use extra large boxes (23x23x16).

Closet wardrobe cardboard box

One interesting choice for relocating your clothing is a closet wardrobe box in cardboard.

Also after the move is done, they are still superb for keeping off-season clothes.

Shoe box cardboard

The most important cardboard box to keep, is the simple cardboard shoe box you get when you purchase a brand-new pair of shoes.

Never throw them out! Some shoes, like boots, are hard to find a proper container for out of another material. If you buy a pair of boots, save the plain cardboard box.

Placing away off-season shoes in the garage, or up in the attic room, might be done in shoe boxes made of cardboard. Simply keep in mind to examine the humidity in said areas.

Cardboard bins

You could also store shoes in your home in cardboard bins, and put them on shelves in your walk-in closet, or above a wardrobe.

It’s such a shame to just get rid of these boxes, since they’re all made specifically for the shoes you need a storage solution for.

If you’re interested in more sturdy shoe storage solutions, read our reviews of plastic shoe boxes.

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Cardboard shoe boxes FAQ

Are shoe boxes paper or cardboard?

Shoe boxes are typically made out of cardboard.

Can you get shoe boxes for free?

Yes, you can often get shoe boxes for free. Contact your local businesses that sell shoes.

Where can I get cardboard shoe boxes?

Amazon is a great place to start for your online cardboard box orders. Order online and have them delivered right to your door.

What is the size of a typical shoe box made out of cardboard?

A typical shoe box made out of cardboard is usually around 12x6x6 inches.