Best Clear Shoe Boxes in 2023

We have tested clear shoe boxes for more than a year now. Our conclusion is that you should get a clear shoe box that is made of plastic, that is stackable, sturdy. And if possible with a drawer-like construction with a drop-front opening. Our favourite clear shoe container at the moment is Boxforia’s Drop Front Shoe Container.

best clear shoe boxes for men and women

But since there are more and more products hitting the market every week, we believe a great way is to take a look at the most recommended product on Amazon at any time. In this article we show you what to consider when picking a clear shoe container for shoe storage.

Best Clear Shoe Boxes for Organizing Your Shoes

Clear shoe containers can be found in plastic or acrylic for simple storage for males and females. Some of them have lids, some have simple covers. The ones I like the most have drawers. It makes it so much easier to get the shoes out of the clear shoe container, without having to unstack the whole shoe box rack.

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These are the best clear shoe boxes you can easily buy on Amazon right now:

Best Plastic Shoe Boxes in Bulk

Clear shoe boxes for women’s shoes

NEATLY Shoe Organizer Shoe Storage

clear shoe boxes

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Best clear shoe container for high heels

IRIS USA, Inc. NSSB-H Front Entry Stackable Shoe Box

clear plastic shoe boxes for high heels

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Best transparent containers for sneakers

LifestyleEssential Shoe Storage Box Containers with Door

clear acrylic sneaker bins

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Best acrylic sneaker bins for big shoes

AOTENG STAR Clear Shoe Box

clear shoe box for large sneakers

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Best clear shoe box for boots

Whitmor Clear Vue Women’s Shoe Container

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Best budget alternative

Ironland Shoe Storage Boxes Clear

transparent shoe containers

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Drop Front Transparent Shoe Boxes

Getting a set of clear shoe boxes is great if you want to tidy up at home. With transparent shoe cases you can much more efficiently save space in your closet or throughout your house. Clear boxes make it easy to find the right shoes without having to open every box. But still it protects from contact with the sun, or dust, or mold. The box itself secures the shoes from getting squashed in the closet.

organizing shoe collection

Criterias For Picking a Clear Container for Shoes and Boots

But the trick is to find clear shoe you don’t have to unstack when you want to grab your favourite pair of shoes. Then you should look for one of two possible constructions:

A clear shoe container with a drawer

A clear shoe container with a drawer is a clear shoe box that has a drawer-like construction, which makes it easier to get the shoes out of the clear shoe box, without having to unstack the whole shoe container rack.

A clear shoe container with a drop front opening

A clear shoe container with a drop front opening is a clear shoe box that has a door-like construction. You simply open the door, which in some cases then functions like a shelf, and get the shoes out.

Here are our favourite products that meet these criterias:

Boxforia clear drop front shoe box

clear drop front shoe container

Clear boxes for men and women

Mix high heels and sneakers

High quality and nice design

Stackable with a front door opening


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IRIS Easy Access Clear Box for Men’s Shoes

best clear shoe box from iris

Extra wide box for men’s sizes

Extra wide container

Can fit one pair of heavy-duty boots

Great for booties, ankle boots and high-heels

Also in tall variant with two stories

Ultra-clear shoe boxes

Ventilation holes

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Make Life Easier With Clear Shoe Cases

finding bliss

With clear shoe boxes, what you’re likewise going to discover is that they simply make arranging the closet that little bit simpler. With clear shoe boxes, you can be sure that you’re able to load those shoes away in a rush, and get them someplace that it’s simple to keep them for usage later on.

Essentially clear containers are long lasting plastic boxes that are simply perfect for keeping your shoes. This method, you can see the shoe within, without having to open the case, makes everyday life and logistics so much easier.

Alternatives to Clear Storage Boxes

Of course, it can be a great concept to purchase a grid of shoe cubby holes, that you can save inside the closet as well, to make stacking the boxes simpler. While keeping them stacked is quite easy thanks to the shape of the boxes and their sturdiness, you’re still going to see that some shelves will be nice to have. But it will also do with just stacking them on the closet floor.

Where Can I Buy a Transparent Storage Boxes

where can I buy them

You can purchase clear shoe boxes practically anywhere, as they are quite typical house products nowadays. You can get a see-through shoe storage box with any feature practically from all house hold item providers. Whether it’s a shop like Container Store, JC Penney, and even Sears. It’s simply a matter of selecting the right clear containers.

buy containers online

We find it so much neater looking for them online. You get a lot of information nowadays. And you can compare different products at an online store. So, hop on over to Amazon and start browsing!

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Clear Shoe Boxes – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the best clear shoe boxes?
  • 1. The shoe box should be made of plastic.
    2. It should be well vented.
    3. A real box shape makes it easier to stack your shoe containers.
    4. If you choose a drop-front opening, you don’t have to unstack your boxes when you want to grab a pair of shoes.
    5. Try to find a product made of recycled and poison-free plastic.

    Is it better to store shoes in plastic or cardboard?

    Plastic shoe boxes are better for storing shoes because they are clear and you can see the shoes inside without having to open the box. They are also made of plastic which is a more durable material than cardboard. They are sturdier which makes them stackable. Stackable containers are a space-saver.

    Do shoe containers really help organize your closet?

    Yes, clear shoe boxes are great for organizing your closet because you can see the shoes inside without having to open the box. They are also stackable so you can save space in your closet. Clear shoe boxes make it easy to find the pair of shoes you’re looking for.

    Do clear shoe boxes come in different sizes?

    Yes, clear shoe boxes come in different sizes. You can find them in small, medium, and large. Some companies also offer extra-large that are suitable for men’s shoes and for boots.

    What are clear shoe boxes made of?

    Most clear shoe boxes are made of plastic. Some companies use recycled plastic, while others use new plastic. There are also clear shoe boxes made of glass or acrylic plastic.

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