Shoe Storage Boxes: 10 Step Guide to Purchase

Looking for some nice shoe storage boxes? You’ve come to the right place. Here you can read the best guide to purchasing great storage containers for shoes. You’ll also find links to great resources, comparisons and reviews.

Shoe Storage Boxes Make Your Shoes Happy

In recent years, several innovative shoe storage boxes have been launched. Thanks to that, you now find products that match almost every customer need. Our purpose with this site, is to guide you in your search for the best shoe storage solutions out there.

Happy shoes thanks to good shoe storage boxes

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What to Consider If You Are About to Purchase Shoe Boxes

A box protects your shoes from dust and weather. It is a handy answer to your storage problem. And containers almost always have the same dimension. That makes the product predictable and easy to handle. Shoe cases are a fun way to organize your footwear collection. With the right products, your home not only becomes well-organized, but also tidier, neater and more beautiful than before.

In this section we will try to highlight the main criterias when choosing your shoe storage boxes.

1. Plastic, cardboard or fabric

Shoe storage bins can be made out of many different materials. Most modern products are made out of plastic.

2. Drop front or open from above

Do you need to open the case from above? Or do you want to open it from the side or front? Side-opening or front-opening are probably the best ideas.

3. Stackable shoe storage boxes

If you live in a small apartment or have limited space, a stackable container is the answer.

4. Transparent shoe cases

A seethrough container makes it easy to find the shoes you want to wear, without the need to unstack, open or reorganize.

5. With lids or without

If you prefer front or side opening, then of course a lid is out of the question. If you instead choose a product that opens from above, you will need a lid.

6. Drawer type shoe container

One of the newest features on the market. It makes the bottom slide out of the box. This of course requires a front or side opening.

7. Interlocking system

An interlocking system attaches the containers to each other. This makes it easier to stack them.

8. Easy and all access

An easy access design is a must. Also you want a door that covers the whole front. This feature we call all access.

9. Ventilation of the storage box

In our experience, good quality items have some sort of a ventilation. It could be holes in the bottom or a bigger hole in the pull-down front.

10. Space saving storage solutions

Boxes can be put together up on a wall. Or hid under the bed. They save your space.

Best Shoe Storage Boxes Reviewed and Tested

There’s a lot of great products out there. When you’re about to buy a shoe storage box, we at Footweardrobe highly recommend that you look for these features:

Best Shoe Storage Container Ideas

front open shoe storage boxes

At the end of this page you’ll find the best shoe storage boxes on the market in 2020. Our review process is both extensive and meticulous. Over the years we have evaluated more than a hundred different products. Our combined job experience spans from home decor, interior design to product innovation. So we dare to say our recommendations are trustworthy and accurate.

Where to Get Shoe Boxes

Buying containers in a store

Nowadays most stores are selling these products. You will find them at IKEA, Target, Walmart or at The Container Store. The problem is, you will only find each stores own products. A comparison between every product is therefore impossible. Furthermore, you will have to take care of the transportation yourself, which may be troublesome when talking about twenty organizing boxes.

Shoe box buy online

If you go online you can find collapsible or foldable products. They are easy to transport. But most of the products found are readymade, molded in one piece. When you buy online, let us say from Amazon  you often enjoy free shipping. This is a convenient way of achieving a well-organized home.

When buying online you will find every brand in one place. You can compare Sterilite to Rubbermaid, Iris to Ironland, LifestyleEssential to Aoteng. And comfortably find the right shoe box for you that is for sale, and even on sale.

The biggest advantage of buying online, is the possibility to shop products in bulk and get them delivered to your home. Many well recognized brands on the market sell their products in bulk. “AOTENG STAR Shoe Organizer-Six Pack”, or “the IRIS Wide Clear Pull Down Front Access Shoe Box, 6 Pack”, to mention two examples. It is always cheaper to buy many at the same time. And who wants only one container anyway? Buying in bulk online is the best deal and answer to your shoe storage problems.

What to Store in a Shoe Bin

To start with you will have to figure out what you want to store. What are your needs?

There are brands specialized in boot storage. A box that at first looks oversized might be the perfect size for your boots. A company like Iris, for instance, got a lot of large containers. If you are looking for something to show off your sneaker or fancy high heels collection, an acrylic display unit from OnDisplay or SneakerC might be right for you. Flip flops or sandals could be stored together, many pairs stacked inside a single box. And to get outgrown or off-season shoes out of the way, plain cardboard boxes could work.

The Material of the Organizer

All sorts of material can be used to create a box. The plain cardboard is the one that holds your newly bought shoes. For storage you might consider another material. You may also find ratten, wooden, glass or woven. It all comes down to your preferences.

In a house with a classic interior, plastic might not blend in. There are nice items made out of a fabric of your choice. These might not be stackable. But maybe the idea is to put them on shelves. The a wooven fabric in the accent colors of your house would be perfect.

Clear boxes on the other hand are mostly made of plastic or glass. Plastic bins are stackable, sturdy, durable and lightweight. In a home furnished in a more modern fashion, plastic will fit right in.

Different Colored Shoe Storage Boxes to Choose From

Some kids, or grownups for that matter, love pink. Some want the storage unit to be discrete and totally transparent. At the end of the day, it is our shoe collection we want to highlight.

If you decide upon a plastic container, there are endless color possiblities. From more reputable brands, you often find clear, semi-clear, black, red, blue and pink. Sometimes the door is colored, but the rest is not. Then it remains easy to spot your shoes without having to take a deeper look.

Putting Your High Heels or Sneakers on Display

Many shoe and boot storage containers are labelled clear, seethrough, transparent, or such. The acrylic box is perfect when you want to display your collection. The acrylic is extra transparent. It also gets a nice sparkling look.

Some display units open from above and have a discrete lid. It all comes down to what kind of design you prefer.

Space-Saving Storage Solutions?

A shoe cabinet you put against the wall may be a great way to store your shoes. The trouble with that is putting it together, drilling holes in the wall and finally getting it up. It is so much easier stacking boxes up on the wall. With a good connecting system one can even build a giant wall of shoes, without the risk of it collapsing. There are many systems on the market. Some uses magnets, other clips them together, or uses mesh.

And when you get tired of that, you could hide the shoe storage containers under the bed. Or put them away on the floor in the closet, to make the most out of this difficult-to-reach space. You could make a nice rack in your hallway, or place the shoe boxes in a drawer in the cabinet. With a neat and sturdy box, everything is possible.

In order to stack them up on a wall, the shoe storage containers need to have a front or side that opens. Even when put in the most shadowed corner of your closet. And you must be able to access the entire interior of the case. You do not want a gigantic box with a lid. Then you will have to empty it just to find what you are looking for.

If you plan to stack several boxes on top of each other, they need to be made out of plastic. A drop-front design means you can access your shoes without even moving the box. The door in the front often becomes a shelf in itself when opened. And in some variants with a front opening, the bottom slides out. When stacking these products you can create a cool drawer-like furniture.

Custom Shoe Boxes

If you want to go cheap, you could always make your own custom shoe box. You could reuse plain cardboard shoe boxes. Give them a nice paint, put some stickers on, maybe even some nice fabric. But honestly, in these stressful times, who really has the energy and focus to do so.

Cheap shoe bins often crack, are hard to assemble, scratches easily, or are unpleasant to look at. And if you compare the price of 10 boxes to the price of a wooden cabinett, the former is still a cheaper alternative.

Storing Shoes in Plastic Boxes

According to our investigation the best way to store your pairs is in plastic. The plastic crates you buy nowadays are often made of recycled plastic. They contain no poison in the material. They come in different dimensions and are lightweight.

Acrylic is a plastic, but not all plastic is acrylic. Acrylic is extremely clear and therefore a good alternative if your storage container is going to serve as a display unit. The ordinary plastic is made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene or PVC.

Storing your boots, shoes, tall pumps, high heels, flip flops, sandals, sneakers and so forth in plastic containers, also brings other modern shoe storage features. For example drawer-like drop front access and seethrough possiblities. It makes it so much easier choosing your favourite pair of shoes in the morning. Your home can finally be tidy and well-organized.

Plastic bins are also stackable, but yet sturdy. When you grow tired of hiding them under your bed, you can build a rack out of them. You could to put them away in the closet, in a cabinett or even in the garage.

Finally, plastic works for indoor or outdoor footwear alike. And plastic, as opposed to fabric, is easy to clean. That makes plastic a great material.

Shoe Storage Boxes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Best Shoe Box?

1. It should have a drop-front opening for easy access.
2. Avoid lids, since that will make your boxes unstackable.
3. The box should be transparent. Then you won’t need to unstack or open the boxes.
4. A plastic shoe storage container is both sturdy and lightweight. And plastic makes the box clear, so that you can identify the content.
5. It should be a stackable design. If the box is modular, they are often made for stacking. Good boxes have an interlocking feature.
6. The door should cover the front. It can be a front design, or a side open door.
7. If the box is a drawer-type container, your shoes will slide out when you open the door.
8. The dimensions of the storage container must be at least 14”L x 11”W x 8.3”H, in order to fit sizes up to men’s US 14.
9. You should pick a brand that manufactures in the US. Cheap asian storage containers are mostly of poor quality. Reliable brands are IRIS USA and Sterilite.
10. Pick a box with a good ventilation system. A well ventilated plastic container protects from dirt, moisture and dust.

What Is a Good Space Saving Shoe Storage Box Idea?

1. Organizing your shoes in shoe storage boxes saves space.
2. Stack the boxes up on the wall. Build a custom shoe rack. Or a cool shoe box wall for sneakers.
3. Put the shoe storage containers under your bed.
4. Put them on the floor in the closet to make the most out of this difficult-to-reach space.
5. Stack them and make a nice rack in your hallway. Rearrange as you please.
6. Place separate boxes in drawers in the cabinet.
7. Put boxes on shelves in your closets.
8. Use your garage for storage. Make sure to pick boxes with good ventilation.
9. Put a box for your wellies or hunting boots in the trunk of your car.
10. Build a night-stand out of plastic shoe boxes.

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