Best Shoe Trees: The 8 Top Shoe Shape Holders Made of Cedar or Plastic in 2020

Finding the best shoe trees, makes life so much easier. In this article you will find the best shoes, tested and reviewed. You will also learn something about the material cedar and how to use shoe blocks.

A shoe tree takes care of your shoes

The Best Shoe Trees Product That Will Save Your Shoes

When you don’t use your shoes, and they’re just lying there on the shelf, shoe trees actually extend the life of the product. Purchasing a nice pair of shoes should be a long-term investment. Therefore you must tend to their needs and care for them, just like you would with any other product you love.

So, here’s a list of our favourite shoe tree products.

Best Shoe Trees in 2020 Reviewed

Stratton cedar shoe tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees

Stratton Cedar Shoe Block

Woodlore cedare shoe tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees - Runner-Up

Woodlore Adjustable Men’s Shoe Block Pair

Crep Protect shoe trees

Best Shoe Trees for Sneakers

Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Shaper – Black

Houndsbay shoe trees

Best Sustainable Shoe Blocks

HOUNDSBAY Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree with Wide Heel

Plastic shoe trees

Best Budget Shoe Trees

B&E LIFE Plastic Adjustable Shoe Trees

Shoe care product bulk buy

Best Shoe Tree Bulk Buy

Cedar Elements Little Wholesale Program

Best Shoe Trees for Women

Eachway Shoe Block & Stretcher

High heels shoe trees

Best Shoe Trees for Dress Shoes and High Heels

Formé Shoe Shapers

Shoe Trees In-Depth Reviews

There’s a lot to say about this list of the best shoe shape holders you can buy this year. So let’s dig deeper. After all, shoe blocks are an essential part of your shoe care product arsenal. Keep reading to learn more.

Best Cedar Shoe Trees

Stratton cedar shoe tree

Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree

A top quality product made with excellent craftmanship

Review of Stratton Cedar Shoe Block

This is the best pair of shoe blocks you can buy. Both according to us and when listening to thousands and thousands of reviews online. Stratton is an old US company. Third generation running it today. They care about the community, the country and they operate with a long horizon. The strong cedar smell gives your shoe wardrobe the feel of a home. The solid design will last forever. The cedar is grown in the US. The shoe blocks are manufactured in the midwest. Great choice and a great price if you think of the value you get.

The Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree is a top quality product made with excellent craftmanship.


  • Top rated on Amazon. Also Amazon’s choice.
  • US grown cedar wood from American farmers.
  • The cedar has a longer lasting and crispier smell compared to the competitors we also reviewed.
  • Shoe block size: 14 x 6 x 2.5 inches. The shoe tree has an integrated spring coil centerpiece. Makes it suitable for almost any sizes of shoes.
  • An elegant finish. The gold branded nameplates are an evergreen addon. The make this a great gift to you husband or father.

Best Wooden Shoe Tree - Runner-Up

Woodlore cedare shoe tree

Woodlore Adjustable Men's Shoe Tree Pair

Made of the heartwood of american grown cedar.

Review of Woodlore Shoe Tree for Men

This Woodlore Adjustable Shoe Block Pair has a split-toe design. Together with a spreader plate it will adjust to a complete range of shoe widths. They are made with steel hardware and nylon straps. The cedar prolongs the life of your shoes. They are available in men’s as well as in women’s sizes. This is a quality product. 75% or more of the cedar comes from the heartwood. That means the area of the tree where the aromatic qualities are. When you buy this Woodlore product, a lifetime warranty against mechanical defects is included. When you’ve used them for a while, sand the cedar lightly.


  • 100% Cedar quality shoe blocks.
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches. The design can be adjusted for both length and toe width.
  • Sold in a pair. One order will work for one pair of shoes.
  • Made of natural cedar, which will absorb the moisture from the shoes.
  • The cedar gives your shoes a fresh scent. It prevents the shoe trees from cracking while also creasing the leather.
  • Made in the USA by an almost 100 year old company.

Best Shoe Trees for Sneakers

Crep Protect shoe trees

Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Tree Shoe Shaper - Black

Soft velvet coating to protect the interior of your sneaker.

Review of Crep Protect Shoe Shaper

We’ve all seen it happen. Our pair of sneakers just looses its fit. If you’re a sneakerhead, this is a real problem. Very often the material of the sneaker makes it impossible for the shoe not to, almost, implode after a while. This is specially true if you have a lot of sneakers. Then some of them will be put on display most of the time.

The Crep Protect Men’s Shoe Shapers hold the shape of your sneakers. This shaping tool also aids with cleaning. It is dressed in a soft velvet coating to protect the interior of your sneaker. We really love it. Crep Protect is a brand with some really great products.


  • Fits both women’s and men’s sneakers. Suitable for size 6 -14 (men’s US sizes).
  • Easy to use.
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 4 inches.
  • This is an official licensed product
  • Material suitable for when traveling.

Best Shoe Blocks for Leather Shoes

Houndsbay shoe trees

HOUNDSBAY Men's Cedar Shoe Tree with Wide Heel

Timeless and sustainable – a perfect gift for your husband or father.

Review of Houndsbay Wide Heel Shoe Block

Like any other cedar shoe block, the ones from Houndsbay absorbs moisture and dissipates odor. They preserve the shape and integrity of the shoes. They are perfect for your nice leather shoes. It is a great way to take care of expensive items.

The wide heel comes with a hook handle. It looks really nice. Like a gentleman’s solution. And it is handy, as well.

The centerpiece of the shoe shape holders are loaded with a spring. That makes it easy to put the blocks in the shoes. And also to remove them afterwards.

This brand is genuine and runs a sustainability program. Their products will last a lifetime. And the design is timeless. We would recommend this as a gift to your father or husband. It will surely be appreciated.


  • Eastern red cedar grown in the USA.
  • Premium aromatic cedar.
  • Easy to use: each shoe tree is engraved with either “right” och “left”.
  • The heel is wide.
  • Hook handles make it easy to pull the shoe trees out of the shoes. It looks really nice also.
  • Sustainable production. Houndsbay plants a new tree in the USA for every item sold. Nice!

Best Budget Shoe Trees

Plastic shoe trees

B&E LIFE Practical Plastic Adjustable Shoe Trees

Perfect for your travel luggage, or if you’re on a budget.

Review of B&E Plastic Adjustable Shoe Tree

It can be quite expensive if you have to buy cedar shoe trees to say 20 pair of shoes. And some shoes don’t really require the same tender, love and care as others. That’s why it’s great there are budget alternatives. In our opinion (as well as thousands of other reviewers online), these plastic and adjustable shoe blocks from B&E LIFE, are your best pick if on a budget.

Since they’re light-weight, they are perfect when packing your shoes in your luggage when traveling.


  • Product dimensions: 9.45″-12.40″ (24 cm -31.5 cm). The size is adjustable. Fits most men’s shoes in US sizes 5.5 to 11.5 inches.
  • Feather weight. Easy to bring with you when traveling. Good alternative for stowed away shoes.
  • Perfect for closed-toe heels, sneakers, ballerinas and moccasins.

Best Shoe Tree Bulk Buy

Shoe care product bulk buy

Cedar Elements Little Wholesale Program - 6 Pairs

Perfect for your travel luggage, or if you’re on a budget.

Review of Cedar Elements Wholesale Shoe Tree

Well, cedar is cedar. Sometimes you just want the whole shabang. But you don’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars. Then a bulk buy is the right way to go. Sometimes a bit tricky to find online. Lucky you we just found one for you.

The Cedar Elements Little Wholesale Program makes cedar shoe blocks really affordable. You get twice as many as usual in this value-pack.

They are great looking. The design makes it possible to adjust both length and toe width. Plated with brass, the shoe trees will fit right in a shoe collection of high quality.


  • The Aromatic Red Cedar is grown in the US.
  • The split toe design makes the shoe tree adjustable. The overhang heel keeps the shoes in shape.
  • Really nice wood work that smells wonderful.
  • Shoe tree dimensions: 12 x 12 x 9 in inches.
  • Sizes are extra large. Will fit shoes in US men sizes 11.5-13.

Best Shoe Trees for Women

Eachway Shoe Block Stretcher

When you want to avoid getting bunions from too tight shoes.

Review of Eachway Shoe Tree for Women

This might not be considered a shoe tree by some. But rather a shoe stretcher. If you want to find more great shoe stretchers, we actually made a review of the best ones here.

Nevertheless, this is a great product for both men and women. But especially for women’s shoes. And that is thanks to the possibility to customize exactly where to add extra shaping. By using the bunion plugs, you can put extra pressure on the spots where your feet are extra sensitive.

And these plastic shoe blocks from Eachway, work with leather, suede and other materials. They will do wonders with your sandals, flats, sneakers, loafers, slippers, canvas shoes, oxfords, ankle boots and many others. The only issue we have with them is that they won’t work with your boots. For long boots, you need another kind of shoe trees.


  • Product size: 17.3 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches. Suitable for men’s US shoe sizes 6.5-10 and women’s 10-13.5.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • Can prevent bunions.

Best Shoe Trees for High Heels

High heels shoe trees

Formé Shoe Shapers

Perfect for your travel luggage, or if you’re on a budget.

Review of Formé Shoe Tree for High Heels

These metallic gold shoe shapers stretches and shapes all women’s shoe styles. Use them on your flats or your 6 inch high heels.

With the Formé patented 7-fold technology, you can control and customize the fit. Shape and stretch your known problem areas. This solution is clinically proven to reduce pain from the most common pain points.

And they look really cool too!


  • Product size: 0.7″ high and 14″ wide.
  • Customizable fit.
  • Material: stainless steel and thermoplastic polymer.

Why Use Shoe Trees?

If we compare two pairs of shoes with each other – one were we used shoe blocks and one were we didn’t –  we can easily see the difference. Shoes without shoe shape holders will get small folds in the material and its natural shape will decline.

Newly purchased leather shoes of good quality need shoe trees to be used extensively. Preferably after each use And it isn’t only about the aesthetics. It’s also about the fit and the comfort. A hardened interior can be a nightmare for your feet.

Therefore, to avoid ending up in wear and tear cycle, always and regularly use shoe trees in your shoes. At Footweardrobe, we support sustainable shopping.

Shoe Tree Size Chart

What Size of Shoe Trees Should I Buy?

Most shoe blocks fit most shoe models. But if you’ve invested in some exclusive pair of shoes, you should consider acquiring loaded shoe stretcher trees to get the best fit.

If you have to choose between two sizes, always choose the size that is smaller.

Investing in shoe blocks can feel like a boring expense. But when you think about it, it really extend the life of your shoes. Having to buy new shoes less often, is a great saving. What should be avoided, however, are so-called spring shoe trees which consist of a front piece and a spring that bends in the back of the shoe. This type risks destroying the heel portion and the natural shape of the shoes. They also press the seams unnecessarily hard from the inside, rather than supporting.

How Do I Use Shoe Trees?

Do not use the same pair of shoes every day. Insert shoe blocks immediately after you’ve used your shoes. Then the leather is still warm and adapts more easily. When you are stowing away your shoes at the end of the season, it is crucial to keep the trees in your shoes. It is when they are not used in a long while, that they lose their fit.

The Best Shoe Trees Are Made of Cedar

No other shoe care product has as much impact on the life and the look of your shoes, as shoe shape holders. The function of the shoe tree is to restore the mold and absorb moisture from the inside of the shoes.

The best material for this is the cedar wood. Cedar shoe blocks are luxury items. But here’s some good news: they are really affordable as well! Cedar wood absorbs moisture, keeps the shoe fresh, has antibacterial properties and help to spread a nicer smell in the wardrobe. The cedar aroma also keeps insects, moths, mildew and mustiness away.

Cedar protect leather, fabric, seams and soles from moisture damage. Cedar wood has a unique absorbent ability that quickly absorbs moisture, bacteria and salt, as well as reducing cracks and deterioration of your shoes.

The Result After Using Shoe Trees

Shoe blocks extend wrinkles and creases on both the inside and outside of the shoes and the sole. This allows the shoes to stay in shape, are more comfortable to use and are kept longer.

The shoe tree stretches the shoe to the length and width and prevents wrinkles on the leather. At the same time, the cedar wood adds a fresh scent to the shoe.

If the scent of cedar fades, which can occur after a while, it might be a good idea to sand them down very lightly with sandpaper. This will reinforce the scent of cedar wood.

Shoe Trees Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Is the Best Shoe Tree?

    • Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree is the Best Cedar Shoe Tree
    • Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Trees are the Best Shoe Blocks for Sneakers
    • HOUNDSBAY Men's Cedar Shoe Tree with Wide Heel is the Best Sustainable Shoe Tree
    • B&E LIFE Plastic Adjustable Shoe Trees are the Best Budget Shoe Blocks
    • Woodlore Adjustable Men's Shoe Trees are the Best Wooden Shoe Trees
    • Cedar Elements Little Wholesale Program offers the Best Shoe Trees to Buy in Bulk
    • Eachway Shoe Trees are the Best Shoe Blocks for Women
    • Formé Shoe Shaper Trees are the Best Shoe Stretcher Trees for High Heels and Dress Shoes

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