Plastic Shoe Boxes in Bulk: 7 Best Clear, Drop Front, Drawer, Foldable, Cardboard for Sale

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Looking to buy plastic shoe boxes in bulk? Looking for a great deal? Well, the big thing about bulk purchasing is saving money. Buying value packs always makes it cheaper per item. Saving just a daily 10 cents, gives you and extra $36.50 per year. And if you’re about to organize your entire shoe collection, and the kids’, and your spouse’s, you’ll gonna need A LOT OF shoe boxes. And now we’re not just talking cents in potential savings. Paying $5 less on every product could mean saving over a $100, if you’re gonna need 50 shoe storage containers for your family. That’s a lot of money.

So, let’s go through our favourite bulk buys. We’ve only picked products we’ve actually tried and liked.

Best Plastic Shoe Boxes in Bulk - and a Favourite Cardboard Box

Best plastic shoe container to buy in bulk

Best plastic shoe container to buy in bulk

Iris USA NSSB-W Front Entry, 6 pack

Best white shoe box big pack

Best white shoe box big pack

IRONLAND, 12 pack

Best clear shoe boxes bulk buy when on a budget

Best clear shoe boxes bulk buy when on a budget

Iris 6 Qt Modular Storage Box, 18 pack

Best bulk buy for men's shoes

Best bulk buy for men's shoes

Greenco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes, 5 pack

Best value pack for your travels

Best value pack for your travels

Kurtzy Shoe Storage Box, 10 pack

Best bulk buy for storing kids shoes

Best bulk buy for storing kids shoes

Sterilite 6 Quart, 24 pack

Best bulk cardboard boxes deal

Best bulk cardboard boxes deal

BOX USA corrugated boxes, 25 pack

Favourite Shoe Storage Containers You Can Buy in Bulk

You can save a lot of money when buying in bulk. Here are some more in depth reviews of our favourite plastic shoe boxes in bulk.

IRIS Clear Shoe Boxes Bulk 6 Pack

Best among plastic shoe boxes in bulk

Best plastic shoe container to buy in bulk

A really great shoe storage container to buy in bulk.

Iris bulk product described

Iris shoe boxes come in a lot of different shapes and colors. They do all have great features. When picking a plastic shoe box to buy in bulk, it’s important that the boxes are stackable, with a clear front and a pull down – drop front – opening. If you can find a bulk alternative that has got a drawer like feature, that’s great. But it’s not a must have. But we do recommend you search for a clear shoe boxes bulk alternative, since you’d want your storage bins to be transparent.

This specific product, Iris USA NSSB-W Front Entry, almost has it all. But with heavy loading, you should not stack more than 5 or 6 boxes high. This isn’t the best buy if you’re a sneakerhead and want to build a sneaker box wall.

If you would rather put them under the bed, they are truly good. You can even stack them into a nice custom rack in your bedroom or in your hallway. Or put them on shelves in your closet.

The within measurements of the boxes are 12.25″L x 10.0″W x 6.25″H and the container weighs 14.2 ounces. Fits most women’s shoes, and men’s shoe sizes up to 12.

What we love about this plastic shoe box

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Quite sturdy if you avoid heavy-loading.
  • Good value for money.
  • Iris storage boxes are premium products.

What could be improved

  • Do compare to other Iris’ products. You might find something more suitable for you.

IRONLAND Plastic Shoe Boxes in Bulk White 12 Pack

Best drop front shoe box bulk pack

Best white shoe box big pack

A bestseller online. Comes in different colors. Pick your favourite or mix it up.

Ironland shoe box described

The Ironland shoe storage boxes come in a 12 pack. This is a real bestseller when you look at the statistics on Amazon. A resilient and strong plastic container. The great quality of the frame, makes the product sturdy. You can keep your boxes stacked, since they are transparent. An all access drop front door makes for an easy access.

Each container is 12.9″x9.1″x5.7″.

What we like

  • Every box can hold one pair of women’s or men’s shoes in normal sizes.
  • The sturdiness.
  • The modular system. Easy to build a cabinet out of your boxes.
  • A shoe box that comes in several colors.

What we're not happy with

  • The thin plastic cover sometimes doesn’t hold the construction together.

IRIS 6 Quart Modular Storage Box, 18 Pack

Best shoe box bulk buy on a budget

Best clear shoe boxes bulk buy when on a budget

A really great shoe storage container to buy in bulk.

Iris storage crate reviewed

You can buy these colored shoe storage containers with 6 qt volume in an 18 items value pack. Perfect for storing whatever, like your ballerinas, flip flops, sandals, dress shoes. It is transparent, which makes it easy to identify the content. These modular shoe storage boxes are almost a staple in the US! Measurements of each shoe case: 13.63″L x 8.13″W x 4.38″H. The weight is 9.9 ounces.

Great things about Iris 6 qt

  • Really stackable. You can put them on the floor, in the closet, on shelves.
  • Actually available in a lot of sizes, from 6 to 64 Quart.

Things to consider

  • Comes with lids. There’s a lot of other alternatives out there, even when buying in bulk.

Greenco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes 5 Pack

A good value pack for storing men's shoes

Best bulk buy for men's shoes

Hard to stack, but nonetheless a good storage bulk solution.

Greenco Clear Foldable Plastic Shoe Box in Bulk reviewed

Let us start by saying that it’s tough to stack more than 3 of these. Nonetheless, we still like the product. They are excellent to put on shelves or to use to organize your shoe rack. They secure the content from wetness, dust and dirt. The small holes makes the collapsible container wel aerated. The best feature is the size. Men’s shoe sizes up to 13 will easily fit. Most likely even 14, but you will have to test that yourself. The plastic is see-through. Identify the right pair without opening the boxes. You quickly folds it to location when you put together the box. Unfold it and put it away when you don’t need the box anymore. A real space-saver. Like with the shoe box from Whitmor, this one from Greenco is a very inexpensive storage solution. The product weight is 4.1 pounds. The measurements: 13 3/8 L x 8 3/8 W x 5 1/8 D.

What we like about the Greenco shoe container

  • Good price. Save a lot when buying these in bulk.
  • Bigger than a lot of the alternatives on the market.

Things to be aware of

  • You can easily spot the content when the boxes are stacked. But you will have to open the flaps to get the shoes our of the box.

Kurtzy Shoe Storage Box 10 Pack

A bulk buy for shoe storage when traveling

Best value pack for your travels

Easy to bring on your travels, in your luggage, in the car or in the caravan.

Kurtzy shoe storage cases reviewed

The Kurtzy shoe storage box comes in a pack of 10 compartments, which offers large storage for you to keep your fitness instructors, heels, shoes, and so on. The shoe box is simple to stack and has a transparent body so that you can have simple access to the shoes you’ve been looking for.

Positives about Kurtzy's product

  • Will protect from dust. Are somewhat water resistant.
  • Easy to bring along on your travels.

Why you should stay away from it

  • The size alternatives are limited.

Sterilite 6 Quart White Storage Box 24 Pack

A great bulk buy for storing kids shoes

Best bulk buy for storing kids shoes

A perfect product for – finally – organizing your children’s shoes.

Sterilite 6 qt container reviewed

The measurements of the box are 13.5”L X 8.3”W X 4.8”H according to the product information. But the bottom of the box is actually smaller. You wouldn’t fit more than a size 11. But for kids shoes, or women’s dress shoes, ballerinas, some sneakers, flip flops etcetera, it’s a great purchase. You get 24 shoe containers that are easy to stack and store.

This is also a really versatile product. You could practically use it for anything. If you want a Sterilite product, but a bigger one, we’ve reviewed a lot of them in our article Sterilite Shoe Box Top List: 8 Stackable Drawer Containers, Clearview, Latched Totes.

What's great about the Sterilite product

  • Will be a great storage unit in your closet. Also nice to keep on shelves or on the floor. Good under bed storage.
  • You get a lot of organizing value for your money.

A drawback

  • The box is too small for large shoes.

BOX USA Flat Corrugated Boxes Wholesale 25 Pack

Best cardboard shoe boxes bulk buy

Best bulk cardboard boxes deal

When looking for a box for moving or to stow-away, this one is great. 

Box USA cardboard boxes reviewed

I mean, if you wanna go cheap, why go plastic? This value pack of 25 corrugated cardboard boxes is probably the cheapest solution to your shoe storage problems. Perfect for storing seasonal footwear, putting kids shoes away, or for moving. There’s a lot of cardboard boxes out there, but this is our favourite pick.


  • BOX USA products are available in a lot of sizes. You could easily find sizes that will hold your wellies, long boots or winter boots.
  • A good off-season shoe storage holder.


  • The flaps are quite irritating.
  • Why not go plastic? At least for the looks.

Buy Plastic Shoe Boxes in Bulk to Save Money

Why bulk buy means great value

The principle of purchasing in bulk is getting more appreciated than ever before. Most people have always understood you will cut your costs when you buy the best products in bulk. But the new thing is that today it’s super easy doing so. There’s endless possibilities to search for the best deal, for the lowest unit cost, for your favourite products for sale in a value pack.

Excellent prospects for a bulk buy are normally any product you’ll run through in a brief duration of time. But beware of buying some products, like cereals, in a to big bulk pack. It’s no fun eating the same day after day. That is, if you don’t like that specific brand of cereals.

What to consider

Another thing to consider is that often bulk packs are available for products that you probably never heard of. And, to be honest, products of somewhat lower quality. You have to know where to look if you wanna find quality brands that are for sale in bulk.

If you found the right product to buy in bulk, sometimes the value pack is just too big. The solution could be to bulk those products with another household.

Purchasing child food, diapers and infant formula in bulk are all excellent methods to cut costs. The same could be said for pet food. Canned items last an extremely long time so you can acquire them in bulk and not have to stress about them ruining.

Stick to reputable brands

And the brands you stick to, are perfect candidates to bulk buy. You will never change your preferences when it comes to the product, so you might as well keep a stock at home. We at Footweardrobe believe you should try to find products at a higher price point. If you would be able to buy them wholesale, you could save a lot of money. Right?

Challenge in finding the right bulk buy

Well, the problem is finding those products. That’s why we thing it’s such an amazing idea buying plastic shoe boxes in bulk. Imagine that you could save $5 or even $10 per unit. And if you haven’t organized your shoes with shoe storage containers yet, you might need up to 50 containers for the whole family.

You could end up saving $250 to $500 when purchasing the plastic storage bins in bulk through one of the links presented for you on this page. If that’s not great value, I’m not sure what is!

Plastic Shoe Box Bulk Buy, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Is the Best Plastic Shoe Box to Buy in Bulk?

    1. Iris USA NSSB-W Front Entry is the best plastic shoe container to buy in bulk
    2. IRONLAND 12 pack makes a nice shoe rack.
    3. Iris 6 Qt Modular 18 pack is the best clear shoe boxes bulk buy when on a budget.
    4. Greenco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes, 5 pack. Great product for men's shoes.
    5. Kurtzy Shoe Storage Box, 10 pack, is the best option for traveling.
    6. Sterilite 6 Quart, 24 pack. The best bulk buy for storing kids shoes.
    7. BOX USA corrugated boxes, 25 pack, are not plastic. But the best bulk cardboard boxes deal you can find.

  • What to Consider When Buying Plastic Shoe Boxes in Bulk?

    1. Find a reliable brand. Many products sold in bulk are of poor quality.
    2. Browse the Internet. An item sold as a single product in one store, can often be found in a value-pack elsewhere.
    3. Pick a shoe storage container that is stackable. Buying in bulk means that you need to organize a lot of shoes. Stackability is a space saver.
    4. Buy boxes that are sturdy. Softer plastic ones might crack. Read the reviews to find quality issues.
    5. Decide on what kind of shoes you are going to store in the boxes. If you are buying storage for your whole family, you need to find a more versatile container.
    6. First decide on where to put the boxes. Garage storage requires boxes that are well ventilated. Putting them in your bedroom makes the appearance important.
    7. Make sure the return policy is good. And that you can easily contact customer service if any of the products are broken.
    8. Order online. A bulk purchase of a lot of boxes could be hard to transport home on your own.
    9. Look for coupon & promo codes online, prior to your purchase.
    10. Find a product at a higher price point. If you are able to buy it wholesale, you will save a lot of money.

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