Sterilite Shoe Box Top List 2023

Whenever you enter an American home, you will find a Sterilite shoe box. In this article we collected our favourites. Keep reading!

sterilite shoe box

There Is a Sterilite Shoe Box in Every Home

Well, maybe not specifically a shoe box, but a Sterilite storage container. Which, almost always, can be used to organize your shoes. Sterilite storage boxes are staples in our homes. And if you still don’t have them in yours, do buy them online. Your life will be much more organized. Your home will be neater. And you will save a lot of time in your daily life.

This article will guide you in picking the best Sterilite shoe box on the market.

Best Sterilite Shoe Drawer Boxes

Sterilite shoe box for women’s shoe sizes

Sterilite 6 Quart

Best sterilite shoe box for women

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Best Sterilite shoe box big pack

Sterilite 16 Quart Shoe Container

white frame clear drawer sterilite

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Most versatile and durable storage container

Sterilite 27 Quart

sterilite durable shoe container

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Sterilite shoe box for sneakers

Sterilite Large Modular Drawer with Flip Top

sterilite large flip top

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Best Sterilite shoe box for dress shoes

Sterilite Stackable Drawers

small stackable sterilite case

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Perfect on closet shelves

Sterilite 32 Quart

sterilite latching box

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Best Sterilite box for clunky shoes

Sterilite 6 Quart Storage Box

shoe storage box from sterilite

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Best Sterilite shoe box bulk buy

Sterilite Clearview Shoe Container 6 Qt

best sterilite shoe box

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Sterilite Shoe Box Toplist: Features, Pros and Cons

Buying a plastic storage container from Sterilite guarantees a certain level of quality. A lot of products passed down from generation to generation, are actually Sterilite products. They are long-lasting and evergreen. Here are some in depth reviews of our favourite plastic shoe boxes from Sterilite. And surely they will be in the future homes of your grandchildren.

STERILITE 6 Quart Stacking Drawer Box

Best sterilite shoe box for women

A nice drawer type of shoe storage container

This is a versatile container that will fit everywhere.

Sterilite 6 quart stackable box features

  • Outside measurements: 12.88”L x 8.88”W x 6”H.
  • Dimensions of the pull out drawer: 12.25″L x 6.75″W x 4.25″H.
  • In package: 6 stackable shoe drawers.
  • Country of production: it is made in the US.
  • How to stack them: Interlinking, they snap onto each other. Many units can be linked together.
  • Color: Transparent drawers with a white box frame.

Pros with this Sterilite 6 qt shoe box

  • A nice drawer like shoe box that can be stacked. A good item for making better use of vertical storage spaces.
  • These are sturdy storage boxes. You can stack them high. But don’t put a lot of weight on them.
  • A good fit under the sink, just between the pipes.
  • This is a very durable product.

Cons with the storage container

  • Not a got holder for men’s larger shoe sizes.
  • They wobble if you put too much weight on them.
  • Like most Sterilite products, this one lacks a drop front opening. I guess it’s a choice you’ll have to make if you want to stay within a reasonable budget. Do you want the drawer type, with lids, or with drop front opening?

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Sterilite 16 Quart Stacking Drawer, White Frame with Clear Drawers, 6-Pack

white frame clear drawer sterilite

Very easy product to use for women’s shoes

Stackable boxes that make good value for your money

Sterilite 16 qt drawer box features

  • External measurements: 17”L x 14.38”W x 6.88”W.
  • Drawer dimensions: 16.5”L x 11.75″W x 5″H.
  • Every item’s weight: 3.2 pounds.
  • Package includes 6 drawers.
  • This product is US-made.
  • These Sterilite shoe box drawers have see-through fronts. The frame is in white.
  • Interlinking system. Makes them easy to stack.

This is a really nice shoe storage container

  • Good stackability. Could also be stored under bed.
  • Bigger than the 6 quart model. Will hold almost any shoe size. A good sneaker case.
  • Interchangeable storage system: stack different drawer box sizes together. Create your custom shoe rack or cabinet.
  • Light weight, but still sturdy.
  • Good value for your money.

Points to be aware of

  • Don’t stack them too high with heavy items on top. They will probably collapse.

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STERILITE 27 Qt Stacking Drawer

sterilite durable shoe container

A durable Sterilite shoe storage product

A Sterilite shoe box that is big enough to hold men’s shoes and last for a long time

Features with Sterilite 27 quart stackable drawer

  • The items outside dimensions: 17”L x 14.38”W x 10.25”H.
  • Inside dimensions: 16″L x 11″W x 8″H.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Origin: This product is made in the US.
  • Package includes: 4 drawer like containers.
  • Drawer: designed with handles integrated, provides a good grip.

Things we really like about this Sterilite shoe drawer

  • Use this Sterilite shoe box together with the 16 Quart Stacking Drawer from Sterilite. The different sizes can be stacked on each other. Stack them in the same footprint.
  • Remarkable durability on these products. There are stories about 20 year old products still functioning and looking good.
  • Will hold most shoe sizes.
  • A good multipurpose storage container.

Things that can be improved

  • The drawer might sag when stacked too heavy.
  • The setup gets wobbly if you stack more than four shoe bins up high.
  • Not enough room for boot storage.

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Sterilite Flip Top Shoe Container, Large and Clear, 6-Pack

sterilite large flip top

A good Sterilite clearview latch box for sneakers

Sterilite shoe box for sneakers, scarves, belts and anything else

Features of this Sterilite flip-top shoe box

  • Dimensions: 13.13”L x 7.63”W x 4.5”H.
  • Internal storage area: 12.5″L x 6.5″W x 3.5″H.
  • Item weighs 10.6 ounces.
  • Package includes 6 clear containers with 6 lids.
  • Completely produced in the USA
  • A flexible and versatile system.
  • The hinged latch lid protects from pests, dust and moist.

Pros with the product

  • Great for your sneaker or sport shoe collection.
  • This modular shoe storage system makes stacking easy.
  • Easy for kids to open and close the hinged latch lid.

Cons with the product

  • You’ll need to unstack the pile of boxes to get the pair of shoes you want.
  • Boxes with lids need to have good ventilation holes. After a while you will need to open this Sterilite shoe box and vent it out.
  • Will not fit large shoes.

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STERILITE Stackable Drawers, White Frame (12 Pack)

Sterilite stackable drawer white frame

Best looking Sterilite shoe box

A beautiful Sterilite box for your low shoes or dress shoes.

Features of this Sterilite stacking drawer box

  • Dimensions for the inside: 12.25”L x 6.75”W x 4.20”H.
  • Frame: White with see-through drawer.
  • Drawer: Transparent. Small size.
  • Size: Most sizes of women’s shoes will fit.
  • Modular system: The different units will link together.

What we like the most about it

  • The interlinking system makes it possible to create a custom cabinet solution.
  • They look really nice!
  • Good stackability.

To be aware of

  • Fits dress shoes. Won’t hold boots or larger shoes.

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Sterilite 32 Qt Latching Box With Clear Base, White Lid, 6-Pack

sterilite latching box

A large Sterilite storage box

A bigger sized Sterilite storage container that is easy to stack

Features of Sterilite 32 quart

  • The size of the product: 23.75″L x 16″W x 6.88″H.
  • Weight: 3.17 pounds.
  • In Package: 6 Lids and 6 Bases.
  • America made.
  • Colors: the lid is white. The base is transparent. Latches are blue aquarium.
  • Shape: This product is updated with an efficient new space saving shape.

Nice things about this product

  • You stack these boxes really easy, thanks to their recessed lids.
  • Some sizes in this range of products share a lid size. Makes it easier to merchandise and stack.
  • The lids are hinged. When you undo one latch, you can just lift the lid. Makes for easy access. Open it full for all access.

Drawbacks to consider

  • A bit brittle.
  • Quite expensive.

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Sterilite 6 Qt Storage Box Clear, Pack of 2

Best for women’s smaller shoe sizes

A multipurpose organizing bin that could easily be moved around and rearranged.

Features of Sterilite 6 quart

  • Sizes: 13.5”L X 8.3”W X 4.8”H.
  • Bottom of box measures: 10.5″ x 5.5″.
  • Container weight: 14.4 ounces.
  • In Package: 2 Sterilite 6 quart storage boxes.

Why we like it

  • Perfect for women’s smaller shoe sizes. Especially good for clunky shoes.
  • Really comfortable grips.
  • Can be used for many things.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  • The lids tend to be a bit loose. Don’t turn the box upside down.
  • Quite unstable when stacking a lot of them.

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Sterilite Storage Totes, 6 Quart White Value Pack (Pack of 24)

a 6 quart shoe organizer

Best for kids shoes

An affordable and reliable way to organize your kids shoes.

Features of this 6 quart container

  • Size of the box: 13.5”L X 8.3”W X 4.8”H.
  • Please observe that the bottom of the box is smaller: 10.5″ x 5.5″.
  • Really transparent.

Good things about the shoe box

  • Perfect for closet shoe storage, or to put on shelves or on the floor.
  • This is a great value pack of 24 versatile plastic shoe containers from Sterilite for sale. Very cheap. Not much more expensive than cardboard boxes.

A minus with the Sterilite 6 qt

  • Too small for a lot of shoes.

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Sterilite Shoe Boxes

A brief history

The Sterilite Company was established 8 decades ago in a collaboration between Saul and Edward Stone and also Earl Tupper. Prior to that, the Stones had taken part in the production of heels made of wood for ladies footwear. They created the company to manufacture heels by a procedure called injection molding. The collaboration was very brief. Nonetheless, thanks to the fact that plastic had been readily available, Sterilite was established in 1939.

The start of plastic containers

With the arrival of the second world war they started producing individual “short items” in plastic, like combs, holders for tooth brushes and so on for the army. In the upcoming years they obtained significant know-how in producing toys, giftware made of plastic, as well as a large range of kitchen items. Also they started producing plastic container products for families. Throughout the 1960s the business created a variety of cutting-edge plastic household items. They started to sell brand-new items like storage containers for food, bowls for your kitchen – and the very first version of storage bins.

A big plastic product company

The following years Sterilite grew with its product design advancement, its line of really good products, as well as its stubborn dedication to focus on the customer. What started out as a small partnership, today is one of the biggest plastic product companies for households in the US.

Sterilite items in every home

It might surprise you the number of Sterilite items that operate in your house today. It might be just one of Sterilite’s durable and sturdy totes piled in your cellar with your outdoor camping equipment. Or maybe a few of Sterilite’s modular drawers piled on the floor of your bedroom wardrobe assisting you in developing a well organized room. Or perhaps one of the Weave Baskets from Sterilite, maintaining a neat home office, or a great looking kitchen area.

For over 7 decades, Sterilite items have actually aided people in their day-to-day life. Sterilite’s storage solutions have made it less complicated as well as a whole lot of more fun to organize.

Sterilite helps you maintain order in your life

Sterilite is the biggest plastic product business for household items in The United States. Sterilite’s wide range of products includes several of the most cutting-edge solutions today readily available in physical stores and online. From food organizing containers as well as organizing items for your washing room. Your residence’s storage space deserves different storage items in different forms, dimensions as well as shades.

With their variety of great products, Sterilite will help you maintain order in your life.

Sterilite Containers and Other Sterilite Storage Products

Space saving units

We have probably all experienced situations where we’ve had loads of items surrounding us. And an urgent need to organize. Arrange your stack of stuff with a Sterilite drawer like shoe storage container. Their space saving units are an optimal remedy for cluttered closet or hallway areas. In addition to various other tiny products around the house, shoes need good organizing.

Lightweight storage containers

The comfy handle of the storage bin enables the content to be conveniently accessed. The drawer is prevented by design from gliding out of the framework. Stacking several drawer boxes on top of each other is easy with the Sterilite modular storage system.

Their lightweight storage space containers are excellent for usage in workplaces, bed rooms, living rooms, hallways as well as dorms. Optimize your storage area with Sterilite’s great storage unit collection.

Sterilite’s Community Outreach – Not Only a Nice Company With Nice Products

Sterilite is the biggest company as well as taxpayer in Townsend. For years the Townsend community had actually been trying to get a brand-new facility for elderly. But the project had time after time been pushed forward due to monetary restraints. A brand-new building for the community’s Highway Division was additionally needed. And a library. Fundraising events as well as grant looking were not enough.

Sterilite Corporation then promised to build 2 brand-new a for the community, acquiring 44 acres for one of them – at no expense to taxpayers.

The projects’ expenses are said to be in the millions. It is the biggest gift so far for Townsend. But Sterilite seems to be a company that doesn’t like to boast. Instead they keep their focus on good products, good production and helping and supporting their community.

As consumers of Sterilite plastic drawer boxes, we really like that.

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Sterilite Shoe Boxes, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are Sterilite and Sterilite Shoe Boxes?

1. Sterilite is an American company established in 1939.
2. Sterilite manufactures a variety of cutting-edge plastic household items, such as storage containers for shoes, clothes or toys.
3. Sterilites mission is to help you maintain order in your life.
4. Sterilite plastic products are made of acid-free polypropylene and polyethylene that are safe for food storage. No PVCs, Latex, Teflon, Phthalates chemicals, fungicides, BPAs, or antibacterial chemicals are used in the production.
5. If you have difficulties in removing the labels, you can try to use nail polish remover, cooking or olive oil, a small amount of WD-40, or Goo-Gone.
6. If you have any problems with your Sterilite products, go to the retailer. Or contact Sterilite using the contact form on their webpage.
7. If you have misplaced the assembly instructions for Sterilite products, you can find them on the Sterilite webpage.
8. Sterilite products are easy to clean. To remove stains or odor, you can try cleaning with a baking soda paste.

What Is the Best Sterilite Shoe Box?

Sterilite 6 Quart is best for women’s shoe sizes.
Sterilite 16 Quart Shoe Container is great for any shoe sizes.
Sterilite 27 Quart is the most versatile and durable shoe box.
Sterilite Large Modular Drawer with Flip Top is the best shoe box for sneakerheads.
Sterilite Stackable Drawer is our top pick for dress shoes.
Sterilite 32 Quart is perfect on closet shelves.
Sterilite Clear 6 Qt Storage Box is best for clunky shoes like clogs.
Sterilite 6 Qt Storage Totes are best for kids shoes.

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