Best Coloured and White Shoe Box in 2023

There are alternatives to the regular white shoe box. We updated our previous test and found the best shoe box in every color. Keep reading! [UPDATED 2023]

coloured and white shoe box

Coloured Plastic Storage Boxes, Instead of a White Shoe Box?

There are alternatives to the W do love a classic white plastic case to store our treasures in. But variation is a blessing. And there’s a lot of good ideas out there.

Why not try a black shoe container? Or some candy colors to spice up the hallway, your closet space or even the living room. In this extensive guide we have reviewed a wide selection of colored storage bins for sale with lids and without. We have tried the coloured storage boxes that is made out of plastic and the ones that aren’t. Our favourite non-plastic are the wooden shoe cases, even though the selection is quite narrow.

Best Coloured Shoe Boxes Made of Plastic, Fabric or Wood

Shoe box white color


white shoe box

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Red shoe box

From Adahx

Red Shoe Box

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Grey shoe boxes


Grey shoe boxes

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Best pink container

From Ironland

pink shoe box

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Blue shoe box

From Iris USA

blue shoe box

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Off white shoe box

From Zoddle

off white shoe container

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Shoe box black plastic

From LifestyleEssential

Black drop front shoe box

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Wooden shoe box, white oak

From ShoeTrap

wooden shoe box white oak

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Wooden shoe box, mahogany

From ShoeTrap

wooden brown shoe box

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Colored Plastic Shoe Boxes, Instead of Plain Ones, Can Accentuate Your Home’s Color Scheme

1. Using a color chart for your interior design decisions

Picking colors is hard word. Not only is it time consuming. You also need to have at least a vague idea of the color scale and how to combine colors. Use a color chart as a start.

2. Decide on a range of colors

Use one specific color range for your room. Start with deciding on the feeling of the color scale. Maybe go for a pastel touch, damped, or clear tones? Laying a good foundation makes your interior design decision durable. With an elaborated color scale for your home, it is easy to move around items with accent colors from one room to another. Your shoe storage containers would then work in your bedroom as well as in your living room.

3. Colored shoe boxes as accent colors

If your walls have neutral tones, accent colors complete the color scheme. Items you have put on display get in focus by their contrast colors.
But do not overdo it. If you have chosen red as an accent color, don’t spray the room with all through red items. It will make it look cluttered and crowded. A white shoe box with a colorful body or front door, makes a really good accent against a neutral wall.

4. Hue and tone on your coloured storage boxes

Shades of hue hold the same shade as those of different colors. By working with hues, you can pick a blue tone, a red tone, and a green tone. Those are different colors. But you can find tones with the same hue. In detail the shade of hue for different colors is decided by the amount of black and white in them.
If you are successful with this component of interior design, the results will be elegant.
By thinking of the tone and the hue, you can play around with and mix colorful shoe boxes of different colors.

color wheel

5. Storage bins with complementary colors

If you consult a color wheel and already have decided on a color, the complementary color is the one placed on the opposite side. This is a good way to find yet another color without breaking the color range you have decided upon.

6. Same color but different tones

This is an interior hack that is hard to not get right. Choose a color, let’s say gray. Find a tone that is 50 percent lighter and one that is 50 percent darker. Now you have three different tones to work with.

7. Decorate by a pattern

Find a pattern you really like. It could be from a painting, a plaid or a book cover. Pick two of the colors you find in the pattern and incorporate it to the items that can be moved around in your home. And don’t forget the elements. Put a vase with flowers on your colorful shoe box drawer. And your favourite pairs inside the containers.

Coloured Storage Boxes for Shoes – the Toplist

Many of the colored shoe boxes reviewed come in a lot of different colors. Often you can choose to change the color in the product view before buying.

Best white shoe box

IRONLAND Storage Shoe Box White

white shoe box

White goes with everything

This is the #1 Bestseller in Boot & Shoe Boxes on Amazon. That is for a reason.

Review of Ironland White Shoe Box

A sturdy and durable shoe box, thanks to the high quality of the plastic board. It has got really good reviews all over the Internet. And we just love the product, so much we’ve bought it in bulk. The door is clear, which makes it possible to identify the content within. You do not have to unstack the whole rack of shoe boxes. Just open the door and grab the pair you want.

The dimensions of each container are suitable for both men’s and women’s shoes. They are 12.9″x9.1″x5.7″. Package weight is 5.25.

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Best red shoe box

Adahx red shoe box

Red Shoe Box

A red show box

This colorful shoe box is what we like to call a show box. For every sneakerhead, this is a must.

Review of Adahx red shoe box

Put your crates on display. For your pleasure and for those that visit you.

The material in the frame is thickened plastic. It is durable, sturdy and easy to clean. The box is so easy to open, with its all access side opening. Also easy to close thanks to the double magnetic buckle.

The side opening makes for a better view of your shoes. With the interlocking design, the boxes are easy to stack. Build a shoe container wall and put your collection on display!

The dimension of the box are 36 x 28 x 22 cm.

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Best grey shoe box

JJMG Grey Shoe Storage Box

Grey shoe boxes

Grey is the new black

You can store anything in these boxes. Let’s start with your shoes!

Review of JJMG’s grey shoe containers

Like the red one Adahx, these storage containers from JJMG are stackable with a very stable design. The transparent plastic makes it possible to find what you are looking for, without having to open every case. JJMG suits large shoe sizes.

With its draw-pull feature, the construction makes for an extra easy access. This pull solution is truly an innovative design idea.

The package dimensions are 14.1 x 11 x 10 inches and the item weighs 4.5 pounds.

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Best pink shoe boxes

IRONLAND Pink Clear Plastic Storage Shoe Box

pink shoe box

Pink is a pretty shoe box color

The #1 Bestseller in Boot & Shoe Boxes on Amazon also comes in a nice pink color.

Review of IRONLAND pink shoe containers

If you want to take really good care of your shoes, this product is the right pick. It comes in several colors. When searching for a pink shoe storage box, Ironland has the best one.

Put your high heels, sneakers, ballerinas, slippers or pumps in this beautiful pink shoe container. Use them to organize your closet, or put the shoe holder on your shelf, as a nice under bed storage, or in a drawer.

Made of Polypropylene plastic. They are sturdy and stackable. A good shoe holder for your outdoor shoes, since it is easy to clean. Good protection from moisture and dust. Please note, that this pink storage container suits shoes of sizes up to US 12. Might work with size 13 – please check before buying.

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Best blue shoe boxes

IRIS Blue Modular Storage Box

blue shoe box

Colorful storage boxes with lids

This is an american classic!

Review of Iris blue shoe containers

These non white shoe boxes with 6 Quart Capacity come in a 18 pack set. You can store everything from your flip flops, sandals, ballerinas, regular shoes, to small accessories in them. The boxes closes with a snap-tight lid. This translucent container makes it easy to identify the content inside.

This blue shoe box i stackable. Stack all 18 of them and free up a lot of storage space.

The dimensions of this blue shoe storage container is 13.63″L x 8.13″W x 4.38″H. It weighs 9.9 ounces.

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Best off white shoe boxes

ZODDLE Foldable Off White Shoe Storage Boxes

off white shoe container

An almost white shoe box

This isn’t just a box, but a whole storage system in beautiful off white with matte texture.

Review of Zoddle off white shoe containers

What is off white when speaking about colors? Simply put, it is a shade of white. The definition of off-white is a white that is mostly white, but is tinged with some gray or yellow or other color. The Pantone color called Snow White looks really nice on colored plastic shoe boxes.

The off white shoe box from Zoddle is ideal not only for shoes, but also for handbags, belts, socks, books and numerous other items. Made of good quality PVC material, it is sturdy and long-lasting.

Pile the boxes and create a nice off white shoe box rack. Open every drop front door by pulling them out by the small hole in the front. The semitransparent door makes it easy to spot what’s inside.

The shoe container comes with a satisfactory guaranteed 24 months warranty. When you don’t need to use it, it is fully collapsible.

This off white colored shoe container measures 13.18 x 9.25 x 5.2 inches. It is easy and quick assembly.

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Best black shoe boxes

LifestyleEssential Black Drop Front Shoe Box

Black drop front shoe box

Shoe container black heaven

It is a beautiful product for any shoe type, but it is a must for your sneaker collection.

Review of LifestyleEssential’s black shoe containers

With its simple interlocking design this black shoe box with its drop front opening is a top pick. Choose between a long side and a short side lid style. With a side lid style you can finally talk about an all access sneaker case. This black shoe storage bin got a nice acrylic look to it.

When you put your pairs of Adidas or Nike in these stackable boxes, you’ll have a really cool display unit.

The clear plastic fronts let you find what you’re looking for, without you having to open every single storage container.

This top black shoe box measures 14.17”L x 11”W x 8.66”H, which is enough to store most men’s and women’s shoes up to US size 13.

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Best white oak wooden shoe boxes

ShoeTrap White Oak Wooden Shoe Storage Box

wooden shoe box white oak

Premium white oak container

This a nice premium product that will make your shoe collection looks wonderful.

Review of ShoeTrap white oak shoe container

The standard shoe and sandal white oak storage box from ShoeTrap, is also available in maple or mahogany. You can also find it as a nice cherry shoe box, or a natural wooden storage container. Arrange them as you see fit. Stack them, or put them on shelves for display.

The grip is made of rubber, which means that the item stacks easy.

Choose from three different sizes, depending on what you want to store.

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Best brown shoe box of wooden shoe boxes

ShoeTrap Mahogany Brown Shoe Box

wooden brown shoe box

A mahogany luxury shoe container

This is a true luxury product in the category of colored shoe containers.

Review of ShoeTrap brown shoe container

This wooden shoe box from ShoeTrap comes in mahogany or maple. This is a spacious storage container for boots or bigger shoes.

A perfect fit for a walk-in closet or on a nice shelf or drawer. The grips are made of Spanish cedar. The door is a glass front opening. It closes easy with hidden magnetic. The knob is made of satin nickel.

This mahogany shoe box sizes 18″L x 10″W x 19″H. It weighs 15 lbs.

Also available in maple.

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(Header photo by Bridget Bartos on Unsplash)

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Colored Shoe Boxes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Pick a Colored Storage Box?

1. There are as many alternatives to the regular white shoe box as there are colors. But just picking a color can be time consuming.
2. Start with a color chart to find out what colors you like for your interior design.
3. Pick a range of colors, a color scale, you want to work with.
4. Find accent colors and use your colored shoe to accentuate.
5. Use different hues and tones of the color you have picked. Now you have a lot of different colors to use.

What Is the Best Colored Shoe Box?

Best white shoe box is IRONLAND Storage Shoe Box.
Best red shoe box is the Adahx shoe box.
Best grey shoe box comes from JJMG.
Best pink shoe box is the IRONLAND Clear Plastic Shoe Box.
Best blue box is the IRIS Blue Modular Storage Box.
Best off white shoe box comes from ZODDLE Foldable Shoe Box.
Best black shoe box is the LifestyleEssential Drop Front Shoe Container.
Best white oak container comes from ShoeTrap.
Best brown shoe box is the mahogany luxury shoe container from ShoeTrap.

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