Men’s Shoe Storage Boxes Toplist 2023

We tested 32 of the most recommended men’s shoe storage boxes we could find online. And the best big shoe storage box is Iris Easy Access.

men's shoe storage boxes

Mens Storage Boxes – Size Matters

Finding the best mens storage box for shoes can be challenging. Many men do not have any ideas where to start. And sometimes the lack of tidiness doesn’t seem to bother them. Strange, right?

Therefore, choosing containers to get it a bit more tidy in the closet or in the hallway is a great way to go. A shoe box is such an innovative thing. And it can be beautiful too. It makes it easier for us to place our shoes in a perfect and neat manner. It protects our shoes from dust or any kind of defect. The ones made of plastic or Plexiglass makes it easy to spot the content inside. No need to unstack the bins or open them. But a wooden shoe box, or the ones made out of cardboard, lacks these features.

Men’s Shoe Storage Boxes Need to Be Big

But different shoe sizes call for different container types. For instance, if you’re a man, you need bigger boxes for your shoes. Furthermore, after buying the right boxes, a lot of people place them on a shelf to save space. But they can also be stacked into a rack and put in the hallway. Or as under bed storage. However, wherever you put them, it all starts with choosing the best shoe container for men’s shoes.

Big Shoe Box Storage Toplist

Best big shoe box


Best big shoe storage box

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Best Mens storage box for your shelves

From Whitmor

Mens shoe storage for shelves

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Best XL men’s shoe storage


Best XL men's shoe storage

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Best among mens clear shoe boxes


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Best value for your big shoe box storage

From Greenco

bulk buy men's shoe storage boxes

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Best men’s storage box for sneakers


best sneaker shoe storage box for men

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Men’s Shoe Containers Reviewed

Of course, men’s shoes aren’t just one type of shoes. Considering the different needs between storing boots and storing sneakers, just picking one shoe storage container for men is nearly impossible. And that’s why we need to consider different aspects and needs before buying.

Mens Drop Front Shoe Box Pick

Best shoe storage box for men with drop front opening

IRIS Easy Access Men’s Shoe Box

Best big shoe storage box

Large shoes need large shoe box storage

A great storage solution for men’s shoes. Positive reviews online. A safe bet!

Review of Iris Easy Access Men’s Shoe Box

This is one of the types of men’s storage box that contains a great number of features. The most appreciated is the drop front opening, which makes for an easy all access. Because of that it makes the IRIS big shoe box different from many others on the list. So one can say that there is a reason for the large number of positive reviews on Amazon.

Also, this storage box is specifically designed in such a way that it can hold shoes of almost every size. It’s a great fit for most men’s shoes up to US size 13. And you can place the pair so there’s still a lot of space in the container.

It’s sealed in such a way that it protects its content from dust. And the plastic also makes it transparent. So no need to guess anymore. Because of the drop-front door, this is an easy-to-access case. You don’t need to unstack every box to get the shoes you want to use. No more stressful mornings!

The simplicity of the design makes it easy to stack the boxes in a secure way for space saving. But despite the great qualities of the IRIS large drop front shoe box, it is still reasonably priced for a quality shoe holder. In the category of men’s shoe storage, this is a cheap solution.

The materials used for this mens storage box are polypropylene and polystyrene. It is very hard to crack the case. But despite the sturdyness, it is still light-weight. So put these ultra-clear containers up for display in your home, or bring them on your travels.

These large shoe boxes are for sale in a pack of 4.


Dimensions are 14.50″L x 11.75″W x 7.25″H, with inside dimensions 13.0″L x 10.5″W x 6.0″H. Constructed to fit most shoes up to size 13.

The item weighs 1.54 pounds. Item size is large/big. Materials are poison free Polypropylene and Polystyrene.

Good things about this men’s shoe storage solution

  • Includes ventilation holes.
  • Great space.
  • Drop-front feature: easy to access, and when closing you lift the front panel and it locks into place.
  • A have-it-all men’s storage box for shoes.


  • Once in a while you will need to clean the IRIS men’s shoe storage box.

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Top Men’s Shoe Box on a Shelf

Best shoe box for shelf storage

Whitmor clear Vue Men’s Shoe Box

Mens shoe storage for shelves

Great closet or shelf shoe boxes for men

One of the best and smartest organization solutions out there.

Review of Whitmor Men’s Shoe Box

This shoe box is ideal for your closet or on your closet shelves. Thanks to its stackable design you will save a lot of closet space. And the semi-soft plastic protects the content from dirt, moisture and dust. Many people use this product to store other items than shoes. Thanks to the material, that makes for a clear view on the content inside. That saves you time when browsing through your shoe collection. And you do not have to unstack every box to find what you’re looking for.

This mens storage box can be stacked in a very neatly manner. And it suits a well-organized closet. Furthermore, if you don’t want to use it for some time, you can easily unfold it to save space. It’s a one-piece construction that is easy to assemble.

There is a ventilation hole in the shoe boxes that makes the environment of the box normal and always keeps the shoes fresh. Furthermore, Whitmor brings the shoe box in different sizes so it’s easy even for men to find a neat container.

Whitmor is a reliable company. Because of their slogan “bringing organization home”, you can be sure of getting a neat and tidy shoe collection.


The product is sized 13.4”L x 8.4”W x 5.2”H. Shipping Mass: 1.4 pounds. Product Heaviness: 1.37 pounds. The product is available in three different sizes.


  • Translucent storage container which makes easier to see inside.
  • Perfect space.


  • Needs maintenance as dirt spots highlight on it.
  • Not very sturdy.

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Extra Large Shoe Box Storage Container

Best XL shoe storage box for men


Best XL men's shoe storage

Mens storage box for big guys

A nice looking container to build a custom shoe rack for your hallway. Easy access.

Review of ÉLEVER NEATLY X-Large Shoe Storage Box

The Élever Neatly shoe organizer is famous for its great size. It can easily be used by every man, despite of the size of their feet. If the shoes are stored in a protected manner, it increases the lifespan of the shoes. In addition to that, one more benefit of this item is that it looks great. Put it against your bedroom wall, or in the hallway. It’s the perfect choice for a walk-in closet.

Also, it contains a built-in ventilation system that makes the shoes safe from dust, dirt, moisture and any type of odor. So, inside of this mens storage box, your pair will stay in the same good condition as when you bought them. And Élever Neatly has a great design. So, if you would go for fancy, this is the right pick. But you can store other stuff in them as well. Or, why not share your shoe storage solution with your partner.

Because the whole system is modular, containers can be placed under a clothing rack, in the hallway as a giant shoe cabinet. Or you can place them as a long line under your bed, or put them on the closet floor. Its weight is really low, so it is easy to move them around.

Moreover, this shoe box is available in different sizes such as medium and extra-large.


Item Weight: 6.83 pounds. Dimensions of the storage bin: 14.”L x 11”W x 8.3”H. Shipping Weight: 6.83 pounds. Size: X-Large and medium.


  • Stackable design with the Patented CLIC stackable storage system.
  • Extra large shoe case for men. Fits all sizes up to men’s US 14.
  • Strong bins.


  • Sizes available in medium and X-large only.

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Best Men’s Storage Box With Clear View

Best shoe storage box for men’s boots

WAYTRIM Foldable Container

Best transparent men’s shoe boxes

A very nice set of clear plastic containers for mens shoes. Stackable!

Review of Waytrim Shoe Container for Men’s Boots

This men’s storage box is made out of soft plastic. But the front and back frame are made of hard plastic. The combination of these materials results in a strong storage container but still light-weight. Because of the frame, it is sturdy. And thanks to that, one can really say that the bins are stackable. So, you can build a nice rack and maximize the storage potential of your home. It also makes it easy to organize your closet area. Since the design is very clean and minimalistic, you could put your shoe collection anywhere.

The WAYTRIM Foldable shoe box is a transparent shoe container, which makes it easier to view what’s inside of the box.

Designed with ventilation holes, which allow the air to enter the box. Because of this the shoes will stay fresh and new.

The boxes are easy to clean. Andhe high-quality plastic material increases the lifetime of the box, and the shoes too.

Perfect for men who want to be in full control of their shoe collection. They are easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble.


Item Weight: 8.51 pounds. Overall assembled size: 13”L x 8.9”W x 5.4”H. Shipping Weight: 8.51 pounds. Material: PP in shoe storage boxes and ABS in the frames.


  • Great ventilation system.
  • Sleek and stylish display.
  • Stackable in both narrow or wide rows.
  • Open the box like a microwave oven.


  • If you’re looking for a really large shoe box, this might not be it.

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Best Men’s Shoe Containers Value Pack of 10

Best value pack

Greenco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Box

bulk buy men's shoe storage boxes

Great value for large men’s shoe storage

A very nice set of clear plastic containers for mens shoes. Stackable!

Review of Greenco Clear Foldable Storage Boxes

Like with the product from Whitmor, this one from Greenco is a very inexpensive storage solution. When buying in bulk, it gets cheaper. Due to the fact that you will pay less than what you pay for a cup of coffee, some features are missing. For example, it is hard to stack more than three boxes on top of each other. But the boxes still make for an excellent shelf storage solution.

Also, they protect from dirt, moisture and dust. And they are well ventilated with tiny holes on the side.

But they are larger than they look. They will easily hold a men’s US size 13 shoe. Or even a size 14 – that we haven’t tested.

Furthermore, the box is transparent. You can easily view the shoes without having to open it. When you assemble the box, you swiftly folds it to place. Getting tired of using it? Unfold it and put it away.


The item weighs 4.1 pounds. Shipping Weight: 4.12 pounds. Size in inches: 13 3/8 L x 8 3/8 W x 5 1/8 D.


  • Low-cost, easy to assemble, spacious.
  • Bigger than Whitmor. Will probably fit shoes up to men’s US size 14.


  • No removable top. No front open, drow down, drop front opening. You will have to pull the box out of the stack when you want to open it.
  • The density of the ribbed plastic material affects the view.

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Best Men’s Drop Front Sneaker Case

Best for Men’s Sneakers

AOTENG STAR Shoes Display

best sneaker shoe storage box for men

Great Mens storage box on display

This is a really cool sneaker box for men’s sizes. A show box! Put your collection on display.

Review of Aoteng Star Men’s Sneaker Bin

The Aoteng Star shoe box is famous for its geometrical and sleek design. The box has a solid shape. It is load-bearing and really sturdy. It has great storage capacity with a nice height and width.

It is suitable for sneakers, but will also take care of your everyday shoes. It has a load capacity of about 120 kg. In other words: this is a real beast when it comes to sturdyness. And you could even use it outdoors.

Furthermore, we just love the interlocking design with its magnets. It is so easy to open and close the doors.

Because of the nice ventilation holes, the box will stay odor free. And the see-through plastic material makes you want to put something in the box. This is a must for the sneakerhead. So, put your Adidas or Nike up for show. And build a custom rack. Or stack them up high and put the whole rack against the wall. That will make for a really cool display unit.


This mens storage box weighs 14.22 pounds. The load capacity is staggering 120 kg. Package includes 3 boxes with size of 14.5”L x 11”W x 8.7”H. Size: fits most men’s shoes up to US size 13.


  • Great capacity.
  • Very stylish and cool design.
  • Use of magnets.
  • Comes in black or transparent white.


  • Really no cons. Not even the price point.

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Men’s Shoe Storage Boxes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are the Best Shoe Storage Boxes for Men?​

1. IRIS Easy Access Men’s Shoe Box is the best plastic shoe container for bigger sizes.
2. Whitmor clear Vue Men’s Shoe Box is the best men’s storage box for your shelves.
3. ÉLEVER NEATLY X-Large Shoe Bin. Our most recommended shoe case for XL sizes.
4. WAYTRIM Foldable Container. It is the best foldable shoe container.
5. Greenco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Box. Comes in a great value-pack.
6. AOTENG STAR Shoes Display. Coolest clear sneaker case for men.

How to Buy Shoe Storage Boxes for Men?

1. Most shoe containers are made for women’s shoes. Size them up to be sure your shoes will fit.
2. Read the product features. Often it will say if men’s US size 13 or 14 shoes will fit.
3. Buy stackable bins to save space in your home.
4. A transparent box makes it easier to identify the content inside.
5. You don’t have to unstack boxes with a drop front opening.
6. If you want to show off your shoes, go for a container that’s made for display.

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