Best Boot Storage Box in 2023

Finding a boot storage box for your long boots or wellingtons, cowboys, ankle or knee highs, booties, pumps, can be rally hard. We tried 21 different boot storage boxes and of course it all comes down to what kind of boots you want to store. But we really want to mention Waytrim’s boot box for men’s ankle high boots, and Whitmor’s boot container for ladies long boots. Keep reading for more recommendations.

boot storage box

Boot Boxes: Challenges in Picking the Right Storage​

Finding a boot storage box can be a real pickle. The shoes tend to be too tall for regular containers. And putting them on a shelf is never a good idea. Leaving them in the hallway makes for a real mess. Leather might be faded from sunlight. When standing, they fold and get ugly. They might get exposed to dust and air. And in the closet there is always the risk of smell. Or that you simply forget you ones bought them.

We have tested the vast majority of boot storage containers found online and in offline major stores. We have selected the very best boot storage box for sale in every niche.

Best Boot Storage Box – The Winners

Best storage for men’s boots

Waytrim boot storage box

storage box for men

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Best storage boxes for knee high boots

Whitmor Clear Vue Boot Box, Heavy Duty Stackable Boot Storage

A winter boot storage box

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Boot Storage Containers: Our Recommendations

Best storage boxes for ladies boots

IRIS USA 28 Quart Clear Storage Box

best boot storage box

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Best cowboy boot storage box

mDesign Fabric Large Storage Bin

cowboy and western boot box

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Best ankle boot storage boxes

IRIS Large Drop Front Shoe Box

For ankle high boots

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Best car boot storage box

Alezywels Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer

bring you boots in the car

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Best storage boxes for long boots

Greenco Clear Foldable Boot Storage Boxes

knee high boots box

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Best winter boot storage

Greenco Clear Foldable Boot Storage Boxes

long boots storage

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Best outdoor boot box

AmazonBasics 22-Gallon Resin Deck Storage Box

Outdoor boot storage

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Picking a Boot Storage Box – Main Criterias

1. Ventilation for the leather

Boots are expensive. Mostly because of the fabric. Leather, suede, cowhide, synthetics all need air. Even your wellys must breath. Otherwise they might crack. Most of us can’t afford that happening.

Good organizers, like a plastic boots storage box, tend to have holes in the bottom or at the side. This ventilates the content, without challenging the dust, weather or vermin protection.

2. The place of storage

Do you need to keep your boots with your shoe collection? Well, if it is your everyday boots we are talking about, then probably yes. In that case, you would choose a container that is clear, made of plastic, that is stackable and with easy access.

If you are looking for winter storage, or would consider storing your hunter boots or wellys outdoors, then a sturdier bin is preferred. Consider using your garage and free up closet space.

3. Containers for every size

Are you organizing your knee high, ankle high or long boots? Cowboy alike or for hunting? For long boots you would need a bigger crate than for ankle high.

How to be sure of what size? Measure – or follow our handy guide. In our deep product reviews in the end of this article, you will find the measures of every recommended product.

4. Stowing away when it is off season

To put the winter clothes up in the attic or out in the garage when the spring arrives, is such a relief.

But just tossing the boots out of your closet area is not a very good idea. Nor is putting them aside in cardboard holders. Finding the right off season storage is the key.

Read more here on how to take care of your boots.

Best Boot Storage Cases Reviewed

Here at we try to find the most popular and rewarded products available for your specific needs – guaranteed. And then we try them ourselves and review them. Some products will show up in more than one category. There is a reason for that. Large storage bins can be used for so much. If you buy in a bulk, you could use some to store boots in, and some to store other types of shoes, like high heels or sneakers.

Ladies Boot Storage Box

Clear ladies boot box

28 Quart Clear Storage Box, 10 Pack, from IRIS USA

best boot storage box

Review of Iris ladies boot box

A classic. One of the very best clear boot boxes there is. With snap tight lid, this case stores your items securely. The seethrough plastic allows you to pick the perfect pair of footwear in the morning. You will never have to unstack your boot collection again.

A perfect fit for the closet floor. Stack them under your row of hanging clothes and make the most out of your storage space.

The clean and simple style of these containers, even makes it tempting to stack them in the room for a nice display of your collection.

It is similar to the container store boot box and at approximately the same price point. When ordering online, you do not have to handle the delivery yourself. That is so much more convenient.

Available in a 6 pack, 10 pack, 12 pack, 18 pack or a 20 pack.

Dimensions: L 24.0″ x W 16.25″ x H 6.0″. It weighs 1.27 pounds. The weight capacity of each item is 3 lbs.

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Cowboy Boot Case

Best western shoe box

Fabric Large Storage Bin 8 pack, from mDesign

cowboy and western boot box

Review of this cowboy boot storage box

A soft fabric bin that comes with a seethrough window to easily identify content. The hinged lid allows all access.

This is a really good holder for men’s and women’s boots. The style is modern classic. Choose different colors to match your country boots. Available in colors Charcoal Grey, Cream/Espresso Brown, Espresso, Gray, Linen and Natural/Cobalt Blue. The fabric is of high quality and with a nice texture.
The front tab is reinforced with a hook and a loop closure. The box is made to be stackable. You have an easy acces both in the front and on top. When you no longer need to use this organizer from mDesign, you conveniently folds it flat.

Works perfectly in your closet, on your shelves or as an under bed closet. Use it to display your cowboy boots collection, or to stow away your off season shoes. A real space saver.

The window is made from PVC plastic. The rest is made from synthetic non-woven fabric. Keep the container clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

This product measures: L 11.75″ x W 14.5″ x H 7″. The weight of each item is 1.57 pounds.

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For Ankle High Shoes

Best shoe box for booties

IRIS Large Drop Front Shoe Box, 6 Pack, Clear. From IRIS USA

For ankle high boots

Review of ankle high boot box

Hands down one of the best footwear storage cases on the market! As the name implies, it is made in the USA. Among the clear plastic boot storage boxes, this one got it all.

Perfect for low tops ankle-high shoes, pumps or larger shoe sizes for both men and women. Works splendid for regular sizes shoes as well. Could also be used for high tops – just put them on their sides. For booties with a heel over 2-1/2″, it might be a little tight. Please measure at home. Better safe than sorry.

The clean and beautiful design makes it easy to create an organized look of the room or your hallway. You can maximize storage by stacking them against the wall, on shelves, in a cabinet or in your closet.

Holes allow good ventilation and keep your shoes fresh. Gives your ankle high boots or pumps a lot of space.

These transparent containers make it easy to pick your outfit. Then just open the drop-front door and get you boots, without having to get the whole box out.

Buy it as a single item or in a 6 pack. A whole set makes a nice display.

Item dimensions: L 14” x W 11” x H 7”. It weighs 1.59 pounds.

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Car Storage Container

Car storage shoe box

Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer, from Alezywels

bring you boots in the car

Review of car storage for boots

This sturdy storage solution for you car, will fit in any trunk. It makes it easy to organize your boots and other bringings when going for a hike, hunting or fishing trip, or just out into the woods. You could even leave your wellingtons or dirty boots in the container.

If you need to free up space in your trunk, this storage container from Alezywels is collapsible.

It is an allround product, to be used not only for heavy-duty, but also for camping or even a picknick. It comes with a waterproof bag. Easy to carry with handles on both sides.

Makes it a pure pleasure to get rid of the mess in the trunk.

Product dimensions are (inner size): L 16.9″ x W 12.2″ x H 8.3″ (43cm x 31cm x 21cm). It holds up to 60 pounds and 28 liters. And it weighs 3.97 pounds.

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Long Boot Boxes

Best long boot shoe box

Clear Foldable Boot Storage Boxes-5 Pack, from Greenco

long boots storage

Review of shoe boxes for long boots

This product comes flattened. You easily shape it to a box. Queeze it and bend the creases so that you can secure one of the tabs. When you have inserted the boots, you close the other. Despite the flexible plastic, they are really sturdy. The only minus we can think of is they do not have handles.

Buy them in a value Pack of 5. As with a lot of the other products reviewed here, these Clear Foldable Boot Storage Boxes from Greenco are made out of seethrough plastic. That makes identification of the content easy, without you having to open the box.

There are holes that will keep the content fresh. At the same time, the product will protect from dust and moisture.

Stackable and neat storage.

To avoid saggy boots, put pool noodles in them.

Also perfect for off season organizing of your pairs in the garage. When storing shoes in garage, you need a light-weight box like the one from Greenco that is easy to stow away.

Size in inches: L 20.3″ x W 11.75″ x H 4.5″. They weigh approximately 0.74 pounds.

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How to Store Knee High Boots

Best high boot shoe box

Clear Vue Boot Box, Heavy Duty Stackable Boot Storage, from Whitmor

knee high boots box

Review of shoe boxes for high boots

Similar to the one from Greenco, but Whitmor’s is a bit cheaper. It has vent holes. The construct protects from moisture, dust and other elements. It is transparent and stackable. It quickly unfolds when you do not use it.

Easy assemble. It consists of one piece that folds into shape.

Personally we like Whitmor as a brand. Over 70 years ago they set out to simplify everyday life. With their great range of products, we would say they succeeded. The difference from Greenco, is according to reviews the durability. The Greenco product seems a bit more durable.

Dimensions of each item: L 20.5” x W 12.0” x H 4.5” and they weigh approximately 0.7 pounds.

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Winter Boot Storage

Best stowaway shoe box

Clear Foldable Boot Storage Boxes-5 Pack, from Greenco

A winter boot storage box

Review of seasonal shoe boxes

As already implied, we would definitely recommend the easy-to-use product from Greenco for any off season storage. Fits in your shelves in the basement, to put in the attic or stockpile in a corner of your garage. The contemporary style also makes it suitable for the bedroom or in your hallway closets.

The measurements: L 20.3″ x W 11.75″ x H 4.5″. This light-weight product weighs only 0.74 pounds.

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Shoe Box for Boots Stored Outdoors

Best outdoor shoe box

AmazonBasics 22-Gallon Resin Deck Storage Box, Grey or Mocha, from Amazon

Outdoor boot storage

Review of outdoor shoe container

This is a tricky one. Do you even need to store boots outdoors? Well, you might want to keep a pair where you actually need to use them, away from the house. Like at a hunting or fishing place. Or maybe at the outskirts of your garden, if your garden happens to be really big. And wouldn’t it be great to find the perfect wellington storage crate? Wellys are always in the way. They are hard to store in a neat and proper way.

The most important thing when it comes to outdoor storage, is the material. Wooden boot boxes would rott after a while. This storage box from the Amazon Brand AmazonBasics is instead made of resin plastic. It is not air tight, so the content inside can still breed. The construction is completely water resistent.

This outdoor boot storage box is easy assembled. It only takes a couple of minutes to snap the 6 pieces together.

Thanks to the lovely and contemporary design, the box will be great on the porch, the pooldeck or in front of the tool shed.

Make sure to put a pillow with you wellys, because the box is also made to sit on.

It holds 22 gallon. The interior is 2.1 square feet. It measures 17 by 22 by 20.5 inches.

When you buy this product you get an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty. That is a nice extra.

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Know what you are looking for. Browse the Internet. And do not settle for less than the perfect boot storage solution.

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Boot Storage Boxes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Pick a Boot Storage Box?

1. Pick a box with ventilation holes for leather boots.
2. Where are you going to keep the boxes. Storing in your garage or in your closet requires different containers.
3. Decide on the container size. Are you storing booties, knee high, cowboy or long boots?
4. Seasonal storage or not? Stowing away in boxes makes it less important to easy open them or to see through them.
5. Go with a reliable brand.
6. Pick a higher price point. Your boots are expensive shoes to start with.
7. Buy in bulk if possible.
8. Pick a stackable container to save space.
9. Try to find the inside measurements of the box.
10. For long boots you will also need to buy boot stretchers.

What Is the Best Boot Storage Box?

1. IRIS 28 Quart Clear Storage Box is the best storage box for ladies boots.
2. mDesign Fabric Large Storage Bin is the best cowboy boot box.
3. IRIS Large Drop Front Shoe Box is the best ankle boot storage boxes.
4. Alezywels Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer is the best boot storage in your car.
5. Greenco Clear Foldable Boot Storage Box is the best box for long boots.
6. Whitmor Clear Vue Boot Box is the best alternative for knee high boots.
7. Greenco Clear Foldable Boot Box is the top pick for winter boot storage.
8. AmazonBasics 22-Gallon Resin Deck Storage Box is best for storing boots outdoors.

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