Best Iris Shoe Box for 2023 (Updated Reviews)

Over the years we’ve reviewed all shoe storage containers from Iris USA, and the best Iris shoe box right now is the IRIS Clear Large Drop Front Shoe Box. It’s a versatile, transparent and spacious shoe container from one of our favourite brands, Iris USA.

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Iris Shoe Box With a Drop Front Opening​

This is a review of the famous Iris shoe box and its different appearances. When blogging about shoe storage solutions, of course you don’t want to play favourites. But it’s hard to not feel some extra affection towards a brand like Iris USA. In the shoe storage container segment, their products are simply superb! It’s always been a pioneering company, one of the first to develop a plastic drop front shoe box. Today this beloved feature has become standard in other modern shoe storage containers. It is easy to understand why.

So, without further ado, here’s a presentation of our favourite brand and their best products.

Best Iris Drop Front Shoe Boxes

Best Iris drop front box

IRIS Clear Large Drop Front Shoe Box

Best iris shoe box

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Best Iris easy access men’s shoe box

IRIS Wide and Clear Easy Access Men’s Shoe Box

Iris shoe storage

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Best Iris easy access Shoe Box for women’s high heels and pumps

IRIS Tall and Clear Easy Access Women’s Shoe Box

Iris shoe storage for women

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Best Iris storage container for high heels

IRIS High Clear Pull Down Front Access Shoe Box

high clear with front access

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Best Iris boot storage box

IRIS 41 Quart Clear Storage Box

Iris shoe container for long boots

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Best Iris under bed storage box

IRIS NSSB-W Front Entry Shoe Box

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Best Iris shoe box bulk buy

IRIS 28 Quart Clear Storage Box

Iris 28 quart storage

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Iris Shoe Boxes Reviews

Here at Footweardrobe we always take the task at hand very serious. When reviewing the Iris product range, we’ve actually tried almost all of their shoe storage boxes. The Iris shoe box that we love the most, is the Iris Large Drop Front Shoe Box. Here you can read why it is such a great product.

Our Favourite Iris Shoe Container

IRIS Clear Large Drop Front Shoe Box

Best iris shoe box

Review of Clear Large Drop Front Iris Shoe Box

This is a classic and our overall favourite. It is a very spacious shoe organizer. According to the manufacturer it fits most shoes up to US size 13. But in our tests the boxes even fit size 14.

This US-made product is versatile, an allround item. It is sturdy enough to stack against the wall all the way up to the ceiling. Small grooves in the boxes make them stay in place. A perfect choice for a sneakerhead. When storing high heels in the boxes, the heels should probably not be higher than 3 inches.

The sleek design makes it suitable for any style in your home.

A similar product to this can be found at The Container Store for approximately the same price. But it’s so much easier just ordering it online, right!

The product is 14”L x 11”W x 7”H inches big. It weighs 1.59 pounds.

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A Good Pick for Organizing Men’s Shoes

IRIS wide and clear easy access men’s shoe box

Iris shoe storage

Review of Iris Men’s Shoe Box

Well, you could still pick our favourite, Iris large drop front shoe box, when buying a container for storing larger shoes. But this one is actually a bit cheaper. It’s still sized to fit shoes up tp US size 13. And it has got all the features you’d want. Its ultra-clear body makes it easy to see the content at a glance. We have the ventilation holes for odor prevention. Manufactured in the US with quality at mind. The wide front door makes for an easy all access. Make a stack of boxes. You could easily build it 20 boxes high. They are sturdy!

The product measures to 14.50″L x 11.75″W x 7.25″H with the inner dimensions 13.0″L x 10.5″W x 6.0″H. Item weight is 1.54 pounds.

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Women’s Version for Storing High Heels and Pumps

IRIS tall and clear easy access women’s shoe box

Iris shoe storage for women

Review of Iris Women’s Shoe Box

This is a taller version than the one above. And not as wide. This makes it suitable for storing high heels or pumps. But the item isn’t limited to that. When buying this product, handy divider shelves are included. When using those you can store two pairs of flat shoes in every box. A perfect solution when you want to keep your ballerinas, booties and your higher heels in the same storage space. And they look as good against your bedroom wall, as they do on a livingroom shelf or in your walk-in closet. Nice!

The dimensions: 13. 25″L x 9. 75″W x 9. 0″H. Measuring the inside: 11″L x 8″W x 8″H. Weight: 1.73 pounds.

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A Nice Show Case

IRIS High Clear Pull Down Front Access Shoe Box, 6 Pack

high clear with front access

Review of high heels shoe box from Iris

This is another alternative for women. The box is smaller, but still high enough to room your high heels. When looking at reviews online, it seems a lot of people are having trouble with the durability of the product. You have to be careful when stacking. Maybe not stack to high at once. And try to avoid heavy items. We like the squarish, stackable, form of the container. It makes for a good showcasing of your shoe collection.

These items can be used to other than storing shoes. Why not mix it up a little? Put your handbags in some, your booties in others.

Product dimensions are 12.1”L x 8.6”W x 7.5”H inches. Ever item weighs 1.13 pounds.

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Because Your Long Boots Deserve It

IRIS 41 Quart Clear Storage Box, 6 pack

Iris shoe container for long boots

Review of long boots box from Iris

Boots are hard to store the right way, right? Well, not with the right storage solution. Lay down your long boots in these boxes. Don’t forget to put something in every boot, like a long stand support shaper. Or even better, an inflatable boot stretcher.

These cases are excellent for under bed storage. They are not really nice enough to put in the open for instance in your bedroom. You could also put them in the attic, or in your garage.

But they are very simple to use. And you’re gonna free up a lot of closet space just by getting rid of all your boots.

The snap-tight lid protects your boots from pests and moisture.

Measurements of the item are 35.63″L x 16.25″W x 6.00″H. Interior dimensions are 32.25″L x 13.50″W x 5.50″H. Every shoe bin weighs 3.57 pounds. Please beware that the weight capacity on this item when stacking is only 3 lbs.

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Best Iris Box for Sneakers or Dress Shoes


Review of this low rack Iris shoe boxes

Not the best items for stacking, since they’re not sturdy enough. Don’t go over 5 or 6 boxes high. They are really good though for small and lightweight items. Or if you only got a few sneakers. But if you’re a sneakerhead and your goal is to build a sneaker box wall, then this product shouldn’t be your first choice.

If you put them under the bed instead, these containers are actually really nice. The wider front opening, makes it easy to identify and pull out your shoes. You can even stack them maybe 2 or 3 boxes high. It is also a good product to put on your closet floor to maximize space.

This shoe storage bin fits most men’s shoes up to US size 12. The inside dimensions are 12.25″L x 10.0″W x 6.25″H and the container weighs 14.2 ounces.

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Best Versatile Iris Boxes

IRIS 28 Quart Clear Storage Box, 10 Pack

Iris 28 quart storage

Review of IRIS 28 Quart Clear Storage Box

This a flexible storage system available in a lot of sizes. Buy a few or a lot in bulk. Bulk up with 20 boxes in a value pack for sale on Amazon. The 28 quart size is perfect for flats, sneakers, kids shoes and high heels. Since this is a value pack, you don’t really get all the fancy features. You get what you pay for, right? But as a bulk buy, this is perfect.

This plastic bin with lid is easy to use. It doesn’t need to be assembled. Go right ahead and use it, get organized and save a lot of space. But the boxes in you closet, on your shelves, under the bed, in the attic or in the garage. Or in the hallway, for that matter. This is also a veryg good storage bin for you off-season footwear.

The unit measures 12.88″L x 7.50″W x 4.50″H with inner dimensions of 11.25″L x 6.125″W x 4.25″H. It weighs 5.4 ounces.

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Iris Shoe Storage Solutions for Everyday Living

IRIS USA was founded in 1994. Their main office is in Arizona. Other than that they are situated in both Texas and Wisconsin. The company was one of the first to manufacture clear (transparent, seethrough) shoe storage containers made of plastic. Their mission is to bring comfort, convenience and organization to everyday living. Their slogan is “Solutions for Everyday Living”. This innovative company is today a worldwide leading manufacturer of products for storing your stuff. You can buy their plastic storage containers, or lookalikes, in many outlets. For instance on Amazon, HomeDepot, Costco, Ikea, Target, Container Store or Michaels. Follow the links on this site for a safe and secure purchase on Amazon. Doing so might earn us a commission, which will help us keeping the site alive.

Iris USA Product Information

Iris USA’s shoe containers are made of plastic. The plastic storage containers are made of Polypropylene. The Polypropylene is both acid and BPA free.
Most of their shoe storage containers in plastic are USA made.
When buying a shoe case, it is important to get the dimensions right. Some containers fit almost any shoe sizes. While others won’t contain US size 13 and bigger. All products from Iris USA are measured on the outside, i.e. the exterior dimensions. To be able to know exactly how much room you’ll need for the product in your home, Iris measures the boxes with the lid on.
If you have to assemble the product yourself, you will find the instructions along with the product in the package delivered. If you misplace the instructions, you can find them online.

Iris Shoe Storage Containers – Social and Ethics Responsibilities

When looking at Iris USA’s webpage, it’s obvious they’re serious when it comes to Social and Ethics Responsibilities. They adopt and promote programs and initiatives that help conserving our nature. In their production they work towards eliminating waste. They are set on Going Green.

Needless to say they ensure equal opportunities among their applicants and employees. That is a given for a modern organization.

On the homepage you can also read about Iris USA’s support to their community and local charities.

Picking a Shoe Storage Brand – and Staying Loyal

A brand is something that tells you about the values of the company. When loving a brand, you know what to expect. And you rarely get disappointed. In a business like the shoebox business, where a lot of items are just picked from a shelf in China, it is somewhat refreshing with a strong brand. Furthermore, knowing that Iris USA’s products are mainly manufactured in the US, guarantees a certain standard. A standard both in terms of the product and the production terms.

If you buy a plastic container from Iris USA, we’re sure you’re gonna stick to the brand and the company.

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Irish Shoe Boxes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are IRIS Shoe Boxes?

IRIS USA is an American company with its main office in Arizona.
IRIS manufactures mainly in the USA.
IRIS was one of the first to manufacture a clear plastic shoe box.
The shoe box with drop front opening has become industry standard.
Their slogan is “Solutions for Everyday Living”.
Their plastic storage containers can be bought on Amazon, HomeDepot, Costco, Container Store, and so on.
Iris plastic shoe boxes are made of acid and BPA free PP plastic.
IRIS USA Inc. support their community and engage in local charities.

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